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23959Re: Kerala Vasthu vs Christian - revised with attachment

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  • Dr Thomas Joseph
    Sep 20, 2012
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      Barekhmor Rev. Fr. Bennet Kuriakose,

      Thanks for your perspective on Vasthu - clearly an occult art.

      I have a question regarding your description of the custom related to entry into the sanctuary. I understand the traditional emphasis on entering a sacred place with your right foot forward. However, why does the ascent up the flight of steps begin with left foot? Wouldn't it be traditional to also start with the right foot on the first step? With an odd number of steps one would then naturally enter the sanctuary with the right foot first. Hope you can explain the custom.

      Thomas Joseph
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      --- In SOCM-FORUM@yahoogroups.com, Rev. Fr. Bennet Kuriakose wrote:
      > Dear moderator,
      > This is a reply to the questions asked by Mr. Baiju P. Chacko regarding Vasthu
      > Vasthu shasthra is an ancient Indian doctrine that is used for construction of temples, houses, furnitures etc. This is basically based on Hindu mythology. Th
      > e basic legend is that the cosmic being from god Shiva – the Vastu Purusha – is lying down on the plot for the construction, with his head in the North-East direction and the legs in the South-West direction, arrested by different devatas (gods).
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