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23872Kaumo prayers in a wrong way

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  • Rev. Fr. Jose Daniel Paitel
    Sep 5, 2012
      Prayer plays an inevitable role in our life. Apostolic traditions insist its children to keep regular prayer habits. We have a systematic order of prayer system for each occasion. Every order, whether it is a service or an office it starts the prayers by reciting a kaumo. We adopted that worship from the Holy Scriptures and continuing by the century old traditions. After many centuries past, we never changed it. Our prayer is our proclamation of faith too. Our early church fathers fought very hard and sacrificed their life to maintain the true and holy doctrines that we are following still now. So that, the Church insist its children to continue our proclamation of doctrines to the coming generation. Some other major religions disguise our Trinitarian worship and arguing about the Trinitarian worship in many ways.

      However, ignorantly and unknowingly we are indulged to recite the main and first line of our Kaumo in a wrong and incomplete way.

      It is a serious issue, and should be corrected, and rectified at the earliest. Not only the ignorant laity, but also the scholarly bishops and priests also make the same mistake when they start the prayer. Listen the following lines.

      [1] Bzaem Aabo Vabro Vrooho kaadeeso had Alloho zaareerro dlaeh zubho valain rahmav vahnonae lolam olmeen Ameen.

      This is the Syriac original of our Kaumo. Original Malayalam translation of the Syriac original is as follows:

      [2] Pithavum Puthranum parizuddha Rruuhhaayumaaya sathya aeka Daivaththinte thirunaamaththil, thanikku sthuthi. nammuTe mael thante karunayum manogunavum ennennaekkum untaayirikkatte Ameen.

      How we make mistake by omitting the key words of our doctrines, as follows.

      [3] Pithaavinum Puthranum Parisuddharruhaaykkum sthuthi. Aadi muthal ennekkum thannae Ameen.

      We omit the words 'Sathya aeka daivaththinte thirunaamaththil' We are worshiping the Holy One and only triune God. As in the third lines we are not proclaiming the Holy and One true God. As we confess the Trinity we should have to insist to keep the words, we pray as in the Syriac version. Every books printed with the wrong wordings must be corrected and must pay keen attention to print it further as it is corrected. Everyone should keep on reciting the words correctly, when they starts the kaumo prayer.

      Thank You

      Rev. Fr. Jose Daniel Paitel
      Phone # (215) 464-9112
      Cell # (267) 438-2123 Member I D.4630
      St.Peters Syriac orthodox Church. Philadelphia, U S A.
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