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237Re: [SOCM-FORUM] Re: British Library Syriac MSS

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  • Thomas V.M
    Jan 18, 2002
      Dear freind,
      This is not theology.This is just psycology.What I see
      is a sort of mixed hatred.Like ,your loved thing in
      with someone.You are burning with that feeling.Inside
      you the genetic jacobite feeling is there.But now you
      have taken up the new indian orthodox identity.
      Which you yourself feel is not the real one.Step
      Father cannot be the real father.
      So ddonot fight this false fight you get hurt.
      What we were taught by our fathers are to be believed
      and accepted.There is nothing better outside.We are
      thomas,mathais,kuriakose etc from the day xtians are
      in Kerala.I donot want bto change names.

      --- thomas_pa1 <thomas_pa1@...> wrote:
      > Dear Achen, Forgive me. Don't give me any special
      > respect because
      > my parent if from Malankara Jacobite side. Treat me
      > just like
      > you want to treat a Malankara Orthodox Christian or
      > the way you
      > want to treat an Indian Christian.
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