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23377Cribbing wont suffice.

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  • Vineeth John Abraham
    Jun 2, 2012
      Hi All,

      I have seen ppl cribbing for many reasons about Priests and Metropolitans in our church. The main point everyone tell is "He is doing nothing, see how the church is?" 

      One recent comment i saw in one FB group. "Manjinikara is still the same. Nothing has changed. If it was with IOC they might hav been made it as a money making machine". Let me take this opportunity to serve as a Postman here. 

      How many of you have Clear Innovative Ideas about your church? Any church, whether it is ur home parish / Patriarchal centre. 

      Can you List it down? 

      Let us discuss that with the concerned people and start the work. 

      If you are innovative, draw the blue print and let us make it real. What say? 

      Vineeth John Abraham