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23370Moovattupuzha Athanasios's public lie about Mamalassery Church

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  • Mathew George
    Jun 1, 2012
      Dear All,

      Yesterday, listening to the traitor & liar Moovattupuzha Athanasios answering the media, shot up my blood pressure.. I was wondering, how low a person – that too someone in priestly robes, can stoop to, just to justify his betrayal of the Holy Church. His shamelessness and arrogance was beyond the limits of my tolerance.

      Most of what he said was absurd and lie. Lying in press meets and public meetings is nothing new for Methran kakshis. I am just highlighting what he said about Mamalassery church.

      Athanasios says that the Mamalassery Church belongs to Methran Kakshis and that there is a court order saying it has to be governed by the 1934 Constitution.

      Lier…. Lier….. Lier…

      Let us see what are the facts ….

      1. The church feud started in 1972 when the Methran Kakshis came out with their rebellion against the Holy See. It had its effects in Mamalassery Mor Michael Jacobite Syrian Church also like many other churches in Malankara.

      2. The church was brought under the receiver since September 1974 and it continues so till this date. Athanasios was publically lying when he claimed Mamalassery church is being governed as per 1934 Constitution.

      3. As per the agreement reached at that time, Jacobites were given two third rights in the Parish and the Methran Kakshis one third. As such, two Jacobite priests and One methran kakshi priest were conducting the Liturgy and other sacraments since then by turn.

      4. The above arrangement continued until the time when Athanasios turned betrayer and joined the excommunicated Methran kakshis cheating the Church which made him what he is today. Along with him, the two serving jacobite priests, Chirakadikunnel John Kori & Vembanaattu George Kasheesha jumped to the other side

      5. The above treachery by liar Athanasios and his cronies resulted in Jacobite Church being left with no priests in this church while 95 % of the Parishioners belonged to our Church.

      6. Still this arrangement continued. Meanwhile the original Methran Kakshi priest passed away and the ministry in the church was continued to be conducted by Chirakadikunnel John Kori & Vembanaattu George Kasheesha alternatively.

      7. By this time, both had become Methran kakshis and the original arrangement of 2 Jacobite priests + 1 Methran kakshi priest was disturbed. Violation of status – quo was engineered by Methran kakshis.

      8. On October 30th, 2011 when the church was getting ready to celebrate the Perunnal, the Methran Kakshis announced that they are going to appoint a new priest in place of the passed away Methran kakshi priest, thus bringing the total number of Methran kakshi priests to three leaving Jacobites with none.

      9. Jacobites opposed this move and demanded that, since the two priests serving then were already Methran Kakshis due to their defection, if a third priest was being appointed, that should be from the jacobite side.

      10. We would have lost our original two thirds right in the parish if we made the above arrangement but still we demanded this just to see peace in the Parish until a lasting solution was reached.

      11. Methran Kakshis were in no mood to listen.

      12. Since, October 30th 2011 no other priests other than Chirakadikunnel John Kori & Vembanaattu George Kasheesha have been allowed inside the church from either factions.

      13. Out of frustration, during the Perunnal at the Kurishupally under the Mamalassery church, Chirakadikunnel John Kori `s son and a few goondas came to the Kurishupally in a Maruthi omni with weapons to create trouble. They were caught along with the weapons and handed over to the police.

      14. It was when such a situation was prevailing that Konattu Kathanaar announced that he is going to offer Qurbana in the Church. He did this with the full knowledge that tension is prevailing in the church. So, his intention in going ahead with the same can be imagined.

      15. Presently Prarthana Yajnam is being conducted demanding the authorities to re-instate the original status quo of 2 + 1 which was disturbed due to defection of two priests.

      16. The Mamalassery church was never administerd by 34 constitution and it is under the rule of the receiver.

      17. Jacobites are only demanding that the original status quo be re-instated.

      The liar Athanasios should be exposed to the world.

      Mathew George
      ID 4555
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