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23189Re: Piravom Settlement

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  • Abraham
    May 9 6:28 AM
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      Dear Gleeson,

      Excellent Post Brother.This is an eye opener.

      And congratulations on Arakkunnam JSO Church declared as "Valiya Pally". In your post you mentioned its intended for those belonging to 'individual parish churches'. Now I know Piravom Church is one among this list.What are the other Churches? Kothamangalam Church? Manarcadu too? Now things are even more clear!

      Hope some of our Metropolitans active in this FORUM will take a print out of this debate and discuss in the SYNOD meetings(?). By the way Mannuthi is doing this! Hope SOCM debate is making some change whatever small it might be!

      Jacobite Leadership,Please!!!

      Frusturation is high. We know its easy to blame. Can our leaders persuade those church trustee(s)/vicar(s) to cordinate before taking
      any measures. Many of the SOCM readers dont know who's who in our working committe ! Who is Lay Trustee, Treasurer and Clergy Trustee ? And their duties? Check these link of other Faiths:

      The IO plan is clear now - Muscle power in SOUTH and LEGAL power in NORTH and the 3 member alliance (MVPA-MANNUTHI-PAMKDA) is ready to take on us and they have made all resources available at their finger tip!

      Its hurting and now irritating - Few Jacobite churches just getting life by youth power! it is THE time to reward our Youth by making them the next leaders! Name and fame who cares!For us FAITH comes first. If no action from leadership, can't blame Jacobite going/joining Catholic Churches that got similar Qurbana System. Read the signs please! Left and Right to each of our famous churches new new Catholic churches are coming up!

      Its obvious that 'Individualistic' practice will bite back one day.
      Its also learned that unfriendly authorities can create fake orders.
      It is also clear that 1-1 game is played-but sadly with our properties
      (Read - collector support at Thrikkunnath and Collector order for Piravom)

      Its time to take proactive measures.Whatever happened is GOOD.
      Lets us work as a team and let this be our first assignment.

      One should listen to this educative video :
      Link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0m42oUro8sw

      But below one is THE MOST hurting and provocative!


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