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23180Re: Piravom Settlement

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  • Chev. Philip P.J
    May 8, 2012

      1] I was advised not to respond. However, being a personal attack, I feel that there should be a clarification,

      2] Whatever that I have mentioned in my message are borne out by records available in court. AIR 1998 KERALA 237 is a reported decision which anyone can obtain and read.The intention is not to instrcut the IOC Lawyers as the writer of the message imagines. The idea is to point out the inadvertent mistakes to my brothers so that it is not repeated at this final stage of the litigation,

      3]Whatever has been read between the lines by Dr. Mani Rajan Cor-epicopo,is baseless.If somebody imagines that there is a Ghost in between the lines of my message, it is his own problem.

      4] During the pendency of the SLP,there was no such status quo as mentioned by Dr. Mani Rajan Cor-epicopo. The status quo order is dated 12.4.1991 which directed that conduct of religious services and administration of each parish church will continue as on the date of judgement of Division Bench till the disposal of the Appeal.It was followed by two directions allowing the Patriarch Faction to fill up vacancies of Vicara/Priests and Bishops on 30.10.1991 and 5.12.1991.Who got these orders?

      5] The order referred to by Dr. Mani Rajan Cor-epicopo is after the disposal of the Appeals by the Supreme Court pending election of Malankara Association and its Managing Committee in accordance with the amended 1934,Constitution. Any right minded person reading the Judgement of Supreme Court reported in AIR 1995 SC 2001, AIR 1996 SC 3121 AND AIR 1997 SC 1035 CAN UNDERSTAND THIS FACT.

      6] Who is intimidating whom? Is Dr. Mani Rajan Cor-epicopo intimidated by the "leaders" mentioned in the message. Shall we read between the lines here?

      7] I have a simple question to ask Dr. Mani Rajan Cor-epicopo. Do you accept the formation of the JACOBITE SYRIAN CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION AND ITS CONSTITUTION OF 2002? Who is instrumental in its formation? Who opined that the erstwhile Patriarh Faction can exist without being slave to the Catholicos faction by relying upon the Indian Constitution?

      Shall we read between the lines,Dr. Mani Rajan Cor-epicopo???

      Thank You.
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