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23177Re: Piravom Settlement

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  • Vineeth
    May 8, 2012
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      Dear All,

      Hope we are not blaming each other, whatever happened is happened and we have to work together in countering IOC. One thing is sure, only the Fittest will Survive this Fight. This will depend on few things like how strong is our legal cell, leadership. We cannot always win this war with physical power alone. In all aspects we have to be smart enough to foresee the next move of IOC.

      We have many cases against individual churches, we should call for a review meeting of these church cases in presence of our central legal cell at Patriarch center. Decide combine actions to be taken ahead in court considering past failures. We cry only when court verdict comes, I think we are expecting some more verdicts by this year. Please do a status meeting with those churches atleast now.

      Strengthen our central legal team with advocates for our church itself. Make sure, No future cases by any Jacobite church should be submitted in court without the review of our central legal cell.

      When we blame our past, please consider the facts
      In 80s- 90s hardly 50% or less youth may had any college degree in our parishes. Today we are well ahead to standup.

      In 80s-90s hardly 10% or less members of a parish where in abroad/middle east. Today its 50-60% of homes have some presence, whatever may be labor or blue color. We can fund church.

      In 80s- 90s hardly 10% or less had TV or daily news paper or internet at home.. Today its 100% with so many options. You cannot be misguided today.

      In 80s-90s per cent of land cost is Rs. 900, now its Rs. 2-3 lacs, We are more confident in facing challenges.

      80s -90s was a true period of struggle, but God graced as well and we are more happy than those days. Thank him.

      Let us appreciate the members who resisted IOC move in 80s-90s. They did their job well within their limitations. Now we have to take it forward, without mistakes. when we are in fight for survival, there is no space for ego.

      Vineeth- 4985

      --- In SOCM-FORUM@yahoogroups.com, Sabu Alias wrote:
      > Dear moderators,
      > Please see the attached files and put the same  in the forum . The settlement  has been reached after continuous pressure from Govt. Now a days our church is forced to fight against the Govt. The whole govt. machinery is acting as IOC. Our believers who are in responsible positions in Govt is not able to stand with the church . Otherwise the corrupt MPZ RDO and DySp would not have been in that seat. Collector even forgetting about his status has passed a fake order which created this problem. Now the same problem he has refered to AG!!! . For the worst he is now threatening to close the church !! We are passing through very difficult situation   . In this circumstance Our Bava directed us to move away from this IOC satan by allowing a charity.  So the Parish assembly decided to give the Sundayschool Ground.
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