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23155Re: Piravom Settlement

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  • Benny
    May 5, 2012
      Dear All.

      I have read the message of Mr.T.C.Abraham, intention of the message is very clear and that is in line with the principal of Christianity.

      Root cause of the problem in my perception.

      1.Freedom in India : We forget that our country accepted all religion and it allowed it to grow. Now we exploit the situation in its full length. If we analyse the situation in Syria , Iraq, etc�what is happening..Christians are struggling because of the law�s of that country along with extremism.

      2.Conveniently forget Jesus Christ�s Verses : Especially Jacobits / Orthodox faithful, by mistake thinking to continue focus on controversies of the court cases and to die without attaining what Jesus Christ advised.( Remember 10 virigin story ) we may miss the chance to have �Holy Spirit� in us before our death.

      3. Money/Power : If we dig the problem in the beginning, then you would see money is one of the main culprit (including Vattippanam (interest) etc ). Let us think what is the connection between money and spirituality.?. God is ready to give Holy Spirit freely ( cannot buy with money). Again , 2 of our Bishops Jumped to IOC cleverly not because of any drain in spirituality in our church , they jumped with the Property of our church for to snatch something else. ( this part you all can analyze). Is it spirituality they want to attain ?.

      4.Owner ship of Church property : We have to have a clear instruction in the matter that the church property should not be in any individual name ( property of church is actually originated from normal laymen�s coins). If it is in any individual name , again we may loose it on individual decisions ( This part is difficult , people who touch on this would be like touching in fire) . If we attain this by keeping the property in the Church�s name under prevailing law( let the legal cell to decide), then we can ensure that Jumping chance will reduce to nil.

      5. Best Option : Now we are in a loop like situation where we caught up in 1000 legs octopus(court cases) . 1 Generation is over with this problem ( started in 1800- 2012) and if we wait for next 5 generation ( 500 � 600 years) nothing will happen. At last the question by Pilate will remain �WHAT IS TRUTH� . Pilate doesn�t know that time that Jesus Christ was the Truth. Now we knew that Jesus Christ is the Truth but still we are in the net of the Evil. God is always merciful, let us pray , try to settle the problems of each church one by one amicably ( Share and care) subsequently clear the court cases. Secondly, we may have to create our own identity in all manners.( to avoid future confusions) .

      6.Gospel, Every church have to have minimum 1 time �Dhyanam� in each month in order to spread gospel so that all should learn the way of Christian life. ( Currently we will keep our forefinger on nose once we analyses liquor consumption datas in Easter & Christmas). Please let us not crucify our Lord and savior Jesus Christ again. He took all the sins for the dead , living and those yet to born. It is our duty to show the world that we are reflecting the love of Jesus Christ through our life.

      All above were my own perceptions, it is up to the readers to decide.

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