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  • T C Abraham
    May 4 11:16 AM
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      Dear All,

      I had seen lot of members expressing their view to file cases against
      IOC in their parishes where jacobite faithfuls are minority in order
      to counter attack their acting of giving cases against jacobite
      parishes. It is a true fact that they are playing the game putting the
      ball in our court, whatever happens win or lose, they are making  gain
      out of them. So filing cases against some orthodox parishes where
      there is jacobite faithful presence will help to put the ball in their
      court also .

      But I personally disagree to this view as it is against Christian
      values. More over we know the pain and sufferings of court cases. Why
      we make innocent orthodox faithful to be suffered for their leadership
      action's. Then there will be no difference between orthodox and a
      jacobite. we don't forget the fact that a huge majority of general
      orthodox faithful have respect on our church  and they know that they
      are actually a part of universal Syrian orthodox church where their
      spiritual father is Patriarch of Antioch. In fact they are very much
      disturbed with the  recent happenings in their church like
      manipulations in their association election, blade people governing
      their church, destroying the church name in front of public by
      entering into politics and public street protest for cases against
      jacobite churches and about the last trend of giving birth of new
      churches from IOC. We see that two new churches has been generated
      from IOC named Bharathiya orthodox church and Malankara Nazrani
      orthodox church. Lot of priests and Faithfuls left IOC and joined new
      church. We can see some eight to ten IOC priests attending a Holy mass
      by the new bishop of the new church ( BOC ) in the photos uploaded in
      Face book. In their own news paper, Malayala Manorama we see that even
      a new catholica bava ( MNOC ) has been ordained from IOC. If the
      result of their priest trustee election was different, then by this
      time we should see another church formed in North from IOC. In future
      we can see more churches generated from IOC. The symptoms started in
      places like amayannur, mavelikara, kottarakara, Kollam etc. Even we
      see one of the big parish of IOC with 250 + families at vennikulam
      have conducted holy mass with the new  bishop from the new church. So
      now they started earning for what they done in past and still
      continuing. For selfishness they get separated from Syrian orthodox
      church in past and at that time they never think that in future this
      may lead for generating new churches from them in each districts.
      People who read the last two or three editions of their magazine "
      Malankara Dheepam " can see lot of priests and faithfuls expressing
      their anger and frustrations with regard to the election of priest
      trustee. Soon we can observe the outcome of this.

      So in this scenario, it is not good to follow the same thing  they had
      done towards our church by giving court cases against them.This will
      only help to provoke them which will lead to violence and the goodwill
      our church will get affected. Instead of that we should start taking
      steps to make innocent orthodox faithful attracted towards our
      church.This won't be never through offering money or positions like
      how they did. We should only welcome those faithfuls and priests who
      want to be proud on becoming a member of a universal church with great
      tradition and history ( Its not like, in one morning simply telling
      that this is 1960th birthday of church ) There are lot of jacobite
      faithfulls left as members of orthodox churches in the southern part
      of kerala. ( For example in Kayamkulam kadheesha church, Puthuppally
      church, Omalloor orthodox church, Thiruvalla kattappuram church,
      Kottarakara church etc ). Till now our church have not taken any
      steps to support them. So now we have to take steps to bring them back
      to our church. we should identify such areas and try to include them
      in nearby jacobite churches or to take initiative to start new
      parishes if needed. Initially there should be obstacles and we can't
      expect all the said faithfuls joining back our church in a single call
      but i am sure good follow up will give better results and what ever we
      are gaining is a win for us.

      I humbly request our leadership to have a call of all bishops, priests
      & committee members of all spiritual organizations from southern part
      of kerala including central kerala to collect data and information's
      on this subject and later have to action for getting things done. When
      they started realizing that they are loosing faithfuls from their
      parishes then this will help to minimize the strength of there
      satanic acting's in our parishes in north. May be this will become an
      eye opener to lot of other orthodox faithfuls for their non christian

      My parish is in south and there are few orthodox parishes in and
      around my parish out of which our nearby two orthodox parish have some
      jacobite families as its members. In one parish there is around 15
      families and in other one there is around 30 families. Our parish had
      taken the initiative to have discussion with these families and to
      make them join our parish under B class membership.Several round of
      discussion already over and at last 20 families are ready to join our
      parish. We are in process of preparing legal documents in order to
      take sign from them on account that later they won't create any issues
      in our parish. In order to keep the confidentiality I am not
      disclosing the name of our parish. But we were wondering if each
      parish of our church in central kerala and south kerala should take
      this initiative then what will be the result. there will be
      difficulties and obstacles in this project but the result will make us
      to rejoice. Even in this mission initially we got resistance from our
      own family members in our parish but slowly we were able to convince
      them and at last when result came they also become more active on
      this. Even we are planning to make monthly membership free for newly
      come poor families and to construct a common cell in cemetery for them
      freely. These mentioned family members  stood in orthodox parishes at
      the time of split that happens in 1970's. We asked these family
      members, why they didn't join the nearby jacobite parishes or
      construct new parish. We got different answers out which i am
      mentioning  some of their replies below.

      a)  At that time Our church doesn't have a administrative set up to
      support them
      b) They don't have enough money to establish a new parish
      c)  Issues lied between different families doesn't allow them to join
      nearby jacobite parishes
      d) The strength of orthodox in southern part allow the orthodox people
      to dominate them.
      e) Seeking peace they didn't go for any protests

      So i strongly believe this as a better way to give a reply to IOC for
      their false preachings and acting's. IOC way have more professors and
      millionaires than us, they may have some more number of parishes,
      cathedrals, priests, dioceses and bishops than us, they may have more
      institutions and medias than us, they may have more political
      influence and muscle power than us. But in two areas they are very
      below to us , In faith and in number of faithful's. We have 1 church
      with 3000+ families where they didn't have a single one, we have 3
      churches with more than 2000+ families where they didn't have anything
      , we have more than 10 churches with 1000+ families where they have
      only two. Their big church puthuppally parish is only having a
      strength of 600 families only out of which around 150 families are
      jacobite faithful's currently. Apart from thisMore than 125 jacobite
      families already get separated few years back and build a new parish
      in front of puthuppally parish.This is number excluding We have
      several old churches which is more than 1000 years old where that have
      only very few, that also forcefully taken away from us. More than this
      we have our Holy father jesus christ, our spiritual leader Moran and
      our aboon with us.

      So be proud of our church and joint hands together to protect our
      faith and to ensure that even a single faithful ( our strength )
      shouldn't left our church. I humbly request your views and concerns on
      this matter and also request if anybody who is in touch with our
      leadership should seriously discuss this matter with our leadership
      and do the needfull to get this mission on action.

      Moreover, this is a cashless effort, only required is action from
      everyone. Thank god for not having big corporates and blade mafias as
      members of our church otherwise by this time we will also become a
      professionally originated & managed church like IOC where they give
      value only for wealth and money.

      With Rgrds,

      T C Abraham
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