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23141Re: Piravom Settlement

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  • George Thoppil
    May 2, 2012
      The news regarding the agreement with IO church allowing them to declare OUR Piravom church as a Cathedral is very painful.

      There are Christian communities struggling to survive from assaults from non-Christians. But there may not be any church like ours in this world, which has to survive against the arrogance and greed of our own brothers.

      It is a shameful display of the IO church leadership's deceit and meanness, to declare our Pirvavom church without supporters sufficient to fill its corridor, as a Cathedral. Is their intended 7-alter Qurbana to glorify God or some kind of a demonstration.

      It will be a surprise if this issue ends with the declaration. Their malicious and wicked intentions will start rolling out soon.

      If they need a church to worship, they have a catholicate centre big enough for them.

      How many of them, including their forefathers, have contributed with money or efforts to build these churches? The only basis for their claim is that someone from these churches, have attended their association meeting. We have seen our members mention instances of unauthorized persons from our churches like S.Parur church attending it, with a letter from the betrayer Bishop Athanasius who himself can never go anywhere near it.

      His friend bishop Militios contemptuously refers to our church as Jacobite society church in his messages, forgetting that he was ordained by this society church, and his present associates didn't see the need to ordain him again properly after their association's democratic procedures as per their constitution.

      If there was any goodness in them, we would have settled these issues long ago, and concentrated on issues for which the church is meant for. When we cannot agree to be together, it is better to part gracefully. The Group with fewer members can claim compensation from the majority to build a church for worship and exist as sister Churches. If we prosper spiritually and goodness returns, our future generations may see reasons to unite as one church.

      We, unfortunately, do not have the luxury of dealing with people with decency and fairness. How can anyone negotiate with such a wretched and dishonest people? They are getting more ambitious and vicious. They feel comfortable enough to destroy the peace where they are in a minority, assisted by the present political leadership in Kerala.

      The IO church is able to hurt our church with the help of the bishops and some priests who were with us and who have betrayed our church and its people. For their personal survival they tend to out beat the originals in inflicting so much suffering to our people and still live among us. In spite of their quoting the constitution, history and whatever that suits them, it is greed, arrogance and dishonesty that drive them. Negotiations will never work with those who keep repeating ... subject to acceptance of 1934.....� which is a treasure to exercise their manipulating skills with their inherent dishonesty and cunningness. They will never understand and appreciate fairness.

      It is time to be more aggressive to protect our churches. Our efforts must be better co-ordinated. Enlist the support for all willing members from all our churches in Kerala. We must be able to have a mechanism to identify, and act swiftly and decisively with the help of resourceful members and friends of our church. We must stop them from even dreaming to capture churches built by somebody else's sweat. The people who live amongst us and collude with the church capturers must think of how they will live there after trying to capture our properties.

      Make our church much more cohesive. Activate Prayer groups in all parishes, and organize joint prayer meetings periodically. Our church must grow spiritually and our fellowship must grow stronger. Resolve disputes amongt us. Have a system to review and correct mistakes in managing the affairs of our church, with representation of lay members of our church wherever prudent, so that complaints and grievances are resolved soon, so that our church and its institutions are free of frustration.

      When our members and parishes are united, our opinion matters to authorities.

      Encourage everyone we know to contribute to the best of their ability and make themselves available for the church as much as possible, in these days when the very survival of our church is threatened, and must pray for our bishops, priests and other servants of our church and our shresta Catholica bawa who is lead by Lord Jesus.
      May God bless our church.

      George Thoppil
      ID 2623
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