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230Re: [SOCM-FORUM] RCC communion

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  • John Philip
    Jan 15, 2002
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      Thomas_ Pal  brother,
       In your last response to me, you severely criticized all our SyrianFathers.  Here again you are criticizing only our bishops. Why you are not looking into your own community instead of digging into others.  Do you think everyone in your church are ok.  Can you deny the fact that even your church have reservations about many of your highest dignitaries.  In this era of switching loyalties for material gains, do you know there is a Very Important person in your Church who has stopped going to the Church itself.  Do you really wants to know why ?, Please come here at Kottayam and contact your top Church dignitary and enquire who is it & why ?  Remember he has not switched sides, but stopped going to Churches and avoids all the Priests and Bishops.  This may eventually happen  among the entire Orthodox Christians of Kerala, if some continue to encroach their neighbors for material gains.
      You critisize us for so called aristocratic rich persons in our Church who creates problems.  Whatever you tries to say, the Malankarites knows very well in which group this so called aristocratic group belongs and their role in manipulating everything, for their perosnal gains.  You come here to Kottayam and verify whether anyone in our Church had occupied any of the Church properties.  Now check if there are anyone in your Church with that culture.  Come to Kottayam and ask your leadership.
      Now one more thing, you criticize us saying that we are appreciating only the foreign (what is foreign?) fathers.  Every one here knows the fact that, we have many other Holy Fathers in India, like  Pulikottil Thirumeni, Parumala Thirumeni, Kadavil Thirumeni, Ambattu Thirumeni, Paulose Mor Koorilose Thirumeni , Athansius Valiya Thirumeni , late Catholica Baselious Paulose II Bawa, late Koorilose Thirumeni and many others.  You just come over here to India and enquire how we consider them. For persons like you, we are only after the foreigners, that's the mistake you always try to conclude.  Who really are the foreigners ? You or me?
      Now whatever you tries to argue, the fact is that that atleast some of the Syrian fathers have suffered much, which is accepted by the forefathers of all the people of the two Orthodox Churches in India.  If you have any doubt read once again the extract from the biography published by Manorama.   In a book by a priest published from your Kottayam Seminary a few years back, he criticized Pulikottil Thirumeni for his support of Antiochean fathers, but at the same time he is avoiding criticizing Parumala Thirumeni who was Pulikottil Thirumeni's closest aide and Patriarch's secretary and closest companion, and a strong supporter of all the decisions taken by the Patriarch.  So why you criticize Pulikottil Thirumeni only ? you and every one knows the reason.  Do you know Parumala Thirumeni had appeared in the local court continuously for 14 days.  What he has declared there is a historical record which is available in court records. It is certainly not the faith of the present Independent groups.
      Anyhow let us all stop these arguments, which in no way, either of us will win, but only increase the enmity.  If you want to continue with your silly arguments, please respond it in your forums, there are many persons to listen and appreciate you.  Please, avoid us.  We are poor Syrian Christians of Kerala.  In this way we can be good neighbors.


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