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227RCC communion

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  • thomas_pa1
    Jan 14, 2002
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      Dear brothers, Please listen to me. Last week I talked to
      a Malankara Jacobite relative of mine. He told me that it is
      fine to commune in Anglican church ( I know that in Kerala this
      person does not commune from Mar Thoma church). He also mentioned
      that he can commune from RCC. Another close relative and an altar
      servant of Malankara Jacobite church communes from Anglican church.
      He was an youth leader in the Church and a person with strong
      adherence to Mar Divannasios. So, where is faith in all these.
      The faith my grand-mother taught me is significantly different
      from what I see today. I know that both Malankara Jacobite and
      Malnakara Orthodox side will ignore me.

      So, to answer Daniel, it is true that His Holiness Patriarch's
      agreement means only communion in certain situations. But, knowing
      our people, I can predict for sure that eventually younger generation
      (especially those living outside Kerala) will go to RCC because
      of shorter service. Also there is no singing and other participation
      of laity in RCC liturgy.

      Hope I made my concerns clear. I have the same concerns about
      Malankara Orthodocx church entering in to such agreements with RCC.
      We also need to keep in mind that RCC accepts any kind of thing:
      even cultic worship. Also according to Cardinal Ratzinger of
      congregation of faith, a church entering to any kind of communion
      agreement with RCC would mean (from RCC perspective) that, the
      church is a part of RCC accpting the supremacy of Pope. This is
      written clearly in "Dominus Iesus" statement, official statement
      of faith from Vatican.

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