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22697Re: The Syrian Revolution and Re-location of the Patriarcate

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  • Dr. Thomas Joseph
    Mar 7, 2012
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      Dear Rev. Fr. Paulose,

      I believe you are well-intentioned but I am afraid your comments are rather naive. Sitting in the secure comfort of a democratic society that respects human rights it is easy to be critical or suggest that an entire community uproot itself from what has been its home for milleniums and seek refuge elsewhere. We are not yet done with the aftermath of Iraq. Thousands have had to flee, and yet thousands more are in living hell with no refuge.

      Before we prescribe such severe medicine to our brethren in Syria, may I ask what we collectively have done for those suffering in Iraq today. If we are bereft of ideas of how to help in a remote land, how about a helping hand to those who have taken refuge in several cities in the West?

      If we are unable to offer anything meaningful, I would hope that we can refrain from making insensitive comments about our Church's response to the crisis; let us pray in silence that our brothers in Christ find their bearings in this great upheaval and hope that they don't fall victim to the kind of sufferings their ancestors went through in these precarious times. Idle words can have grave consequences in current circumstances.

      Lastly, by saying that "The Patriarchate should be relocated or shifted to any other Secular democratic or Christian countries wherever our members are more concentrated," I hope you are not suggesting India as the destination. A century ago, in the midst of the worst calamity that befell the Syriac Orthodox community in the Middle East, during the years of Sayfo, in which hundreds of thousands of lives were lost, some from Malankara got busy scheming to fish in troubled waters and "transfer" the Maphrianate of the East to India. There was never a thought of returning any favors to the community that send its sons to ours in times of our need over the centuries. To this day, we suffer the consequences. I hope the Patriarchate is not the next target for such benevolence.

      With prayers for our suffering brethren,

      Thomas Joseph, Ph.D.
      ID: 0202

      --- In SOCM-FORUM@yahoogroups.com, Rev. Fr. Paulose V V wrote:
      > What is the stand of Syriac Orthodox Church in Syria towards the Syrian revolution?
      > Are we support or oppose the Revolution or we are in the midst of the devil and the deep sea and in indecision or a second fiddle for the present regime or in tactical support for Assad?
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