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  • S Chandy
    Feb 27, 2012
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      Dear Father,

      What can be done for this?

      S Chandy

      --- In SOCM-FORUM@yahoogroups.com, Very Rev. Dr. Mani Rajan Cor-episcopo wrote:
      > I thought I will remain silent on this issue.  But quite of few are ignorant about what is going on.  In the Kunnamkulam Simhasana Church case there was a remand order, the contention of which was - -  Did the Arthat-Kunnamkulam Simhasana Church attend the Malanakara Association?  If yes, then it can be concluded that the said church is a constituent of the Malankara Sabh.  See the legal trap!  The Justice Malimath's report (2002) also makes a similar contention when parishes sent registered letters intimating that their church did not convene parish general body for electing a delegate and nobody is representing their church.  See the minutes of the Malankara Association, all churches have sent representatives and all churhces are constituents of the IOC.  In another 10-15 years these documents will become legal and poor Jacobites are building churches of the IOC.  This is like the BOT.  Who can be blamed?
      > Dr. Mani Rajan Cor-episcopo
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