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  • Abraham
    Feb 24, 2012
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      Like everyone,this believer too,wondering why are we silent on such serious issues? This association selection will bommerang since faithful will start questioning how come a repeat of the last one,if that the case!

      Jacobite SYRIAN churches listed under http://www.syrianchurch.org/MalankaraSyrianChurch/Malankara_parishes.htm can be found in the below link somewhat in a similar order!
      Link: http://www.malankaraorthodoxchurch.in/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=692&Itemid=543

      Frankly,we lost many churches now than what we got.All in the Eranakulam region.We need to think what can be done to stop this Priest high-jacking plan

      1) Like the way laws are amended or new ones are implemented-can leadership think a new code of ethics for our priests and get them legal signatory ? Some are behind money and Seats.How many more churches in Eranakulam can we loose now?

      2) Kolencherry will be back in news again EXACTLY after SEATS are alloted in JUN/JULY.
      Worth watching -> http://www.yuvog.com/play/News__Politics/Interview_with_Dr_Fazal_Gafoor_Part_One
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ADOF/message/5722 & http://www.kcpcmf.in/
      Not only free admission to those from Church conflicts,but also FREE admission to 'meritorious students' is what people expect from a Medical college.Hope our leadership will not be a silent spectator on this 'SYRIAN CHURCH' college which we hold our rights too.
      This vedio is a good entertainer -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qD7Lhp9HK4

      3) KOTHAMANGALAM Church case soon will be on its way in SC for hearing.Hope we are not sleeping.

      4) Like in Parumala, We need a Church in Pampakkuda very very urgently. Manjanikkara Dayaro got 1 Lakh + pilgrims this year. Can we have a Patriarchal Church constructed urgently to stop the canvasing behavior.It will be a gift from Dayaro to lakhs of Jacobite faithful
      badly needing a Church there.These steps give MOTIVATION to Jacobites and help them continue in their FAITH

      5) In news media - Regarding Piravom election it all started like this: First it was portrayed as Jacobite being the majority (upto 70000 votes),then equal with IO,then just a fraction...Who knows after sometime we will be totally ignored? Why our protest not getting into Media lenses? Request our leadership take a stern stand requesting
      authorities for opening up our churches in anyattunirappu,Mammalassery and Mannathur. Afterall it is just a matter of allowing someone to PRAY! I dont see anyone noticed and considered our Mammalassery Protest. Everyone say it's not a BIG issue! Infact PPillai itself was in Piravom campaign!
      Can't forget this politrics edition: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0oW6SAQIZMs

      Honorable court has advised us to settle this amicably and peacefully with a majority buy-in.But someone advised them like this : http://www.youtube.com/watch?gl=US&v=QyAZwGgzYng

      Praying for peace and co-existence as two respecting christian communities


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