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  • Padhikan
    Feb 21, 2012
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      Dear Mr.Varkey Titus,

      These rebels of our church should not be addressed as 'Orthodox' as they have a mere his-tory of 100 years and we are the church who follow the orthodoxy and the teachings of the Lord without any deviation for almost 2000 years. They are splinted group like any other denominations and 'Methran Kakshi' is the right words to address them; not even 'Ayyo'(I.O.) but M.K. in brief.

      About their adding our parishes' names to their so called list is part of their crooked ways. They will insert their name wherever possible; I will not be surprised even if they try to add their name to the deed of my little property, just like their name on the letter pad of the Kolencherry Medical Mission Hospital. Click on the link below for a PDF news items:


      Oh! God, forgive them as they do not know what they are doing.


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