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2196Proverbs of Sextus

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  • Thomas Daniel
    Mar 30, 2003
      Proverbs of Sextus

      (167) Wisdom leads the soul to the place of God.

      (309) After God, no one is as free as the wise man.

      (310) Everything God possesses, the wise man has also.

      (57) By honoring a wise man you will honor yourself.

      (326b) A godly heart produces a blessed life.

      (369) It is not possible for you to know God when you do not worship

      (370) A man who does evil to someone will not be able to worship God.

      (366) It is better for you to be silent about the word of God, than
      to speak recklessly.

      (160) May the right time precede your words.

      (165a) It is better for you to be defeated while speaking the truth,
      than to be victorious through deceit.

      (387) The tyrant will not be able to take away happiness. (The Nag
      Hammadi Library in English)

      (21) That which God gives you none can take away.

      (26) God is not the author of any evil.

      (34) Be not anxious to please the multitude.

      (6) Honor God above all things that he may rule over you.

      (13) Consider lost all the time in which you to do not think of

      (67) Invoke God as a witness to whatever you do.

      (24) The soul is illuminated by the recollection of God.

      (76) Realize that your body is the garment of your soul and then you
      will preserve it pure. (The Pythagorean Sourcebook and Library, See
      the Sentences of Sextus from Nag Hammadi Library that are online
      also; go to):
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