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21937An appeal to members of the Holy Synod / Working & Managing committee members of the Jacobite Syrian Christian Church

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  • SOCM Moderators
    Nov 2 11:16 PM
    Attention to the Members of the Holy Synod / Working & Managing committee members of the Jacobite Syrian Christian Church.

    We know that the history of IOC is a "his-story" supported by falsified records. Today, the 1934 constitution has any legal consideration only because of the false records created claiming representation of Jacobite Churches in their partisan association meeting. The Jacobite association in 1935 at Karingachira lead by holy fathers innocent of such deception did not resort to such tactics, and sad to say, we suffered as a result.

    The current generation of IOC manipulators appears to back at this game, creating false records for churches in the Jacobite fold for their day in court. We should be extra cautious on this subject and take immediate precautionary measures. We should make certain that proper records on parish membership, elections of office-bearers, proceedings of committee meetings and general body, etc., are maintained in order to counter IOC moves.

    This is an important discipline that we need to have even beyond the current need. It is important that our Patriarchal Centre take initiative in maintaining central records for each parish electronically. Since accesses to computers are more prevalent, we should think of a system whereby records are uploaded to a central server from each parish periodically (parishes who do not have such facilities should mail in copies.) If they are not made available, there should be monitoring and reminders from the centre. Beyond countering the current threats, hopefully this will lead to other benefits for the church and community in the future. Having periodically updated centralized list of the faithful across parishes can be tremendously powerful. It should help reconnect the faithful, many of whom drift apart when they move to other locations for jobs, back to the church. This is an opportunity for our young and committed professionals in the church to get together and make a difference.

    For your kind consideration

    In our Lord’s Love
    SOCM Moderators