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  • Dawn Baby Varghese
    Sep 26, 2011
      “The day when Kolenchery stood still”
      25 SEP 2011;Sunday

      On 25 SEP, Kolenchery witnessed one of the greatest ever gatherings and agitations, in its history. It was the Great March organized by the stalwarts of Kandanadu diocese of our Jacobite Syrian Christian Youth Association, expressing solidarity for Bava’s “Struggle For Justice”. Although it was organized by the youth, thousands of people-the young & old, male & female, even kids & teenagers thronged to the streets of Kolenchery, expressing their love for H.B. Indeed everyone who assembled were youths, it seemed if we watch their energy levels. The march, which began at 3 PM from Thonnikka junction, proceeded to Kolenchery town, finally concluding at the Chapel, where H.B. was fasting. The enthusiasm and energy levels of our faithful were very strong that the movement resembled a Tsunami wave, shaking Kolenchery town. The faithful were seen chanting prayers, songs and slogans from their hearts, supporting H.B. and stressing the necessity of protecting Kolenchery church.

      Later, Bava addressed the very excited faithful and assured them that we are going to recapture each and every inch of soil which is ours and Kolenchery is just the beginning. H.B. was very much pleased to see the faithful in such an energetic mood and H.B. shared many incidents with them that increased their excitement, even more. The faithful held hands mutually, forming a gigantic human chain and took the “Oath of Faith”, declaring their allegiance to the Patriarchal throne. It was a very remarkable moment, indeed. H.B. declared that we are not going to stop the “Struggle for Justice” until justice is implemented.

      Presently, the “Struggle for Justice” is going on at our Chapel premises in Kolenchery. H.B. named the venue (dais) after L.L. Baselious Poulose-II Catholicose.

      Sunday morning, immediately after the Holy Mass, the parishioners of Bava’s parish – St. Peter’s & St. Paul’s Jacobite Syrian Church, Puthencruz conducted a very strong march at Puthencruz, in which over 500 people, including women and children participated.

      Even more marches and agitations are yet to come from this part of the
      world, in the coming days………

      Long Live Patriarchal Throne….!!!!
      Let’s continue to be in Prayers…….

      In Prayers,
      Dawn Baby Varghese, Puthencruz
      For SOCM news
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