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  • Dawn Baby Varghese
    Sep 15, 2011
      "The Day Of Hopes & Despair"*
      22:45, THURSDAY, KOLENCHERY:--*

      Thursday was another day of dramatic happenings at Kolenchery, as our "Struggle for Justice" reached day-6. Great marches from various parts of Kerala reached Kolenchery, expressing solidarity to H.B. and the struggle. Although Devalokam faction boasted of importing big number of faithful to Kolenchery today, they failed to implement it. Our faithful flooded Kolenchery, neglecting the heavy, incessant rains and
      adverse conditions, to join our father.

      Marathon talks and discussions were witnessed during the day and the issue was on the verge of being sorted.

      As per the agreement in the talks, our Bava and the Devalokam Catholicose as well, shifted the fasting to the respective Chapels, nearby. But soon the 'chameleon' changed its color. The Devalokam faction moved backwards, from the agreements made in the talks. They told that, they will never agree us to enter the Kolenchery church at all. As it became clearly evident that the pact is violated, H.B. again returned to the shrine near NH-49 and continued the fasting. It
      should kindly be noted that, we had never ended our fasting, as a section of the media had reported.

      By 7 PM, IST, H.B. addressed the faithful and explained the happenings of the day as well as the happenings from history. Thousands gathered to hear from H.B., amidst heavy rains. Following that, Mor Gregorious Joseph addressed the faithful and explained the progress of the talks and illustrated in detail, what actually happened. H.G. also expressed deep regret as some miscreants sneaked in to our camp and had manhandled some media people.

      Presently, our prayers are continuing, both at at the chapel and at the shrine near NH-49. H.B. will be addressing the faithful at the shrine near NH-49, tomorrow morning..... Bava is trying to convince us that H.B. is alright, but, it doesn't seem so. H.B. is very tired and getting weaker.

      We want our father healthy and happy. We should end this issue very soon.
      Let's continuously pray for that.......

      Following is one of the great slogans that was heard echoing in Kolenchery. Chanting this slogan alwayzzz refilled us with some inexplicable source of divine energy...

      "Njangadey poorvapithakkanmar,
      Chora koduthum, neeru koduthum,
      Paduthuyarthiya njangadey palli
      Njangadey Kolenchery palli,
      Illa illa vittu tharilla
      Njangadey Kolencherypalli,
      Vittu tharillithu kattayam...."

      Long Live Patriarchal Throne....!!!!!

      In Prayers,

      Dawn Baby Varghese, Puthencruz
      For SOCM News
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