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  • Dawn Baby Varghese
    Sep 14, 2011
      00:20 hrs, THURSDAY, KOLENCHERY:- *

      As of now, let us hope that the Kolenchery issue would be amicably
      settled by Thursday, if the Orthodox faction is not trying any new tactics. Wednesday witnessed many great moments at Kolenchery.

      Thousands and thousands of staunch Jacobite faithful flooded to Kolenchery since dawn, when H.B. conducted Holy Mass at the shrine, near NH-49, where H.B. was fasting. It was indeed a great boost for our people. Soon, more and more people rallied into the venue, chanting prayers, songs, and slogans, expressing their concrete-
      solidarity to His Beatitude Baselious Thomas-I, the Yackoob Burdano of
      Malankara. H.B. was seen very tired, but even more determined to win justice for our Church.

      The respected Mediation Council members appointed by the HC and
      honourable District Collector carried out talks with our Bava and they were seen satisfied about our stance. They visited our Bava's fasting venue and held talks, by 7 45 PM, IST. Also, respected Panakkad Shihab Thangal, Minister Shri. Ibrahimkunju and other religious leaders visited H.B. today. They all expressed happiness in the stance taken by Jacobite Syrian Church and expressed hope that the problem will be solved on Thursday.

      H.G. Gregorious Joseph addressed the faithful on Wednesday night. H.G.
      informed that our Prince Patriarch H.H. Ignatius Zakka-I Iwas Bava had contacted H.B. and has passed all blessings for the struggle for justice. It was His Holiness' 31st enthronement Anniversary on WEDNESDAY(SEPTEMBER-14)

      In the meantime, by 10 PM IST, the Orthodox faction tried to sneak
      into the Kolenchery church, in the cover of darkness, which was obstructed by the police and our people. This created some tension in the area. It could be feared that the Orthodox faction might try more wicked tactics tonight, to prevent peace being restored on Thursday. They have boasted that they will bring in 4000 people to Kolenchery on
      Thursday. Let's wait and see....

      Anywayzz, Thursday could be the BIG DAY... Let's reach Kolenchery in
      the morning itself, to be with our beloved father....

      Let's continue to remain in Prayers,

      Long Live Patriarchal Throne......!!!

      In Prayers,
      Dawn Baby Varghese, Puthencruz
      For SOCM News
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