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21043IOC Catholicose: Politican or a Spiritual Leader ?

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  • PAUL Joshy
    Jul 2, 2011
      Dear All,

      Usually politicians play double game to keep their presence around and
      save their face. They make promises to the public before the elections
      and turn a blind eye after they got elected. They make statements on
      one occasion in front of the media and turn against the same statement
      and would say it’s a media stunt or media wrongly quoted them. We have
      seen this many times by Pinarayi Vijayan or VS Achudanandan. Now IOC
      Catholica has also joined in this group.

      Yesterday (July1) I watched a TV interview in Manaorama news at 10 PM.
      The interviewee was none other than IOC Catholica and the interviewer
      was Johny Lookose. The interview brought my mind back to few months
      when IOC Catholica was addressing a diocesan meeting in Mavelikkara.
      In the meeting He warned political parties and made a statement that
      “no political party can ignore IOC. In the coming election LDF and UDF
      must give considerable number of seats for Orthodox believers,
      otherwise Orthodox people will give befitting reply”. And then He send
      a delegation comprising of IOC Sabha Secretary and Lay Trustee to
      Delhi to canvas more seats for IOC people, and finally got one (but
      lost in the election). Once candidates were announced Devalokam people
      began to criticise UDF and one IOC bishop said both UDF and LDF didn’t
      give justice to the orthodox church and LDF is better than UDF, and
      further said “ Oomman Chandy cannot be considered as an Orthodox, he
      is like EMS for namboothiri community”. And during the election IOC
      forums , both print and online, were in the forefront to defeat UDF
      candidate of Thiruvalla Constituency. And after the election IOC
      leaders took the credit of LDF victory in Thiruvalla. Besides, IOC
      leaders also proclaimed that UDF lost in pathanamthitta distric
      because UDF didn’t field none of their candidates whom Devalokam asked

      But now IOC Catholica says IOC had no role in UDF loss. He said in the
      interview that it has no truth in saying UDF lost because Orthodox
      Church was against them. Further he said ”in the districts of Idukki
      and Kasargode UDF lost where Orthodox people are negligible”. Only
      Achumama can say this type of dialogue.

      It seems the current retrospection of IOC is to get favorable
      decision once again from theOomman Chandy government against
      Jacobites. He also talked about the church dispute but all were the
      same usual comody of IOC leaders.

      But one suggestion that strike me well regarding to resolving the
      church dispute. He said “he had no single formula (Ottamuly) to solve
      the problem”. And “peace in Malankara Sabha can be achieved not a
      dialogue at the higher level but is possible at unit level and
      disputes in many churches have been resolve through this manner” I
      think this is a good suggestion, let the people of every disputed
      church decide the future of themselves. Peace in individual churches
      (unit) is achieved not by unity but by seperation, they divided the
      church property according to the strength of the two factions. I
      believe all the warmongers of the so called “unity” will follow their
      church head’s advise and will stop talking further “unity” in
      Malankara Sabha.

      Joshy Paul
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