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  • daniel_reji
    Jan 3, 2002
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      This is what I understand:

      The Jacobite Faction expressed their strong opposition to the
      unilateral decisions taken by Catholicose Mathews II for conducting
      the Malankara Association election, at the meeting convened by the
      Supreme Court observer V S Maleemath on 20th Dec 2001 at Nattakom
      Guest House, Kottayam. The representatives of the Church submitted
      a detailed report, explaining to the observer with clear evidences
      about the H.H Mathews II's partisan moves. Also they pleaded to the
      observer to consider their rightful requests. Meanwhile the observer
      preferred to continue the election process called by H.H Mathews II
      and held discussions with the Methran faction leaders.

      Some of the major objections of the Jacobite Faction were

      `Kalpana' issued by Catholicose H.H Mathews II is un-canonical &
      illegal. (Catholicose has mentioned that he is seated on the throne
      of St.Thomas and he is the President of the Association –instead of
      using the word `Malankara Metropolitan')
      Number of churches to be included in the election process is being
      manipulated by Methran faction to get an absolute majority for their
      group in the Association election. (Voters list are not being
      properly prepared, Many small Chapels & Kurisumthotti (total around
      500) are included –all the relevant details are submitted to the
      observer and the Supreme Court)
      Kalpana was send to even Simhasana Churches etc., that are
      canonically & legally under the administrative jurisdiction of the
      supreme head of the Syrian Orthodox Church, His Holiness the
      Patriarch of Antioch & all the East.

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      > Why isn't the Church being a part of the Association process?
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