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20969Rekshakan Ura Cheythu - English transalation.

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  • Abraham Paul
    Jun 20, 2011
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      Dear Dr. Thomas Joseph,

      Thanks for the English translation with original Syriac song.
      Naturally most of us prefer to hear H.Qurbono celebrated in Malayalam.
      But then children who have no knowledge of Malayalam, sing these songs
      without knowing its meaning in depth. Because of this, in many congregations abroad, and some outside Kerala congregations, H. Qurbono is celebrated at least once in a month in English for the benefit of youth and children who do not understand Malayalam.
      Like mentioned earlier, this particular prayer song attected me so much as in itself,  contains the enire philosphosophy and essence of Christian faith. It is wothwhile explaining it shortly to children and youth in context with the relevant verses from H. Bible and teaching them to sing it, which be more useful than delivering lengthy sermons to them.
      I remember Rev. Fr. Roy Kochat (Cor Episcopa now) took pains to learn himself and teach the choir. to sing all prayer songs in English and celebrate Holy Qurbano in English, once in a moth in Kalina church in Mumbai during the year 1995-1996. Such priests with dedication to the prupose are real blessing to our Church.   
      By the way it will be helpful if someone can upload audio of this verson of the song in full, in youtube.

      Thanks again,

      P. Abraham Paul,
      SOCM #3321.