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20654Re: Sathya Sai Baba and Me

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  • Mathew G M
    May 5, 2011
      Dear Mathew G Daniel,

      For us Orthodox Christians we have public (liturgical) prayers and private prayers. In liturgical prayers only baptized orthodox christians are commemorated. For example we will not give Holy Qurbana to a non baptized person. First of all the non baptized person may not even want to receive Qurbana. Similarly we will not conduct a formal funeral service for a non baptized person. That person may not want it, he may want to be cremated as per his tradition.

      This is why Manjanikkara Dayara refused to accept Kurbanapanam from you for commemorating a non Orthodox Christian in the Holy Qurbana.

      Now there is private prayer. This is also as important as public liturgical prayers. In private prayer we are asked to pray for 'ALL'. We should pray for our family, our friends, our enemies, people who love us and even people who hate us.

      Coming back to good deeds; each of us have been given different talents. We need to do good deeds based on the talents given to each. If I am blessed with the talent to be a medical doctor, then I should use that talent to serve God; (we have to remember His words, when you serve the least among you, you are serving me). If I am blessed with the talent to be a teacher, then I should use that talent to teach poor children stuggling in schools. Now if we just dug a hole and hid our talent under the earth, then when the Master of the household returns, we will be in trouble.

      In Christ,
      Mathew G M.

      --- In SOCM-FORUM@yahoogroups.com, Mathew G. Daniel wrote:
      > Dear Brother Mathew,
      > I don't have much knowledge in this matter still you kindly read 2 Cor 6:14-18 and meditate it.
      > I know one thing once I went to Manjinikara Dayara fro giving Kubrabanappanam for a Hindu friend the Rev. Deacon siting at the counter told me that a Hindu name shall not be accepted. If it is so how a rev, priest can pray for the soul of a self styled or believed god whose idols are worshiped world wide.
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