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20208Re: Parumala Thirumeni is a Money Making Machine for IOC

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  • PAUL Joshy
    Mar 5, 2011
      Dear Binu,

      There is no rationality in your statement. It is up to IOC whether
      they want a church in Manjinikkara, If there is one family IOC can
      build its own church. Even without a single family in and around
      Manjinikkara IOC can build one, The constitution of India gives that
      right to construct a church there.to IOC

      But is is unwarranted, unethical and anti-Christian that the IOC
      argument of "We don't have or not going to build a church in
      Manjinikkara, so Jacobites should not construct a church in Parumala".
      What a foolish statement is this?. Are IOCian people live in the
      present day world or in the Taliban period????

      Joshy Paul
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