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20190Re: Parumala Thirumeni is a Money Making Machine for IOC

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  • Vinod Verghese
    Mar 6, 2011
      Dear Mr Binu

      Why did you point out Manjinikara alone, when there a re a lot of places where Methran Kakshis have built Catholicate centres near our churches. Why did you conveniently avoid those places.

      The recent development in this regard is Karingachira. Methran Kakshis who oppose our buiding a church in Parumala have procured a piece of land just opposite Karingachira church and are planning to build a church there.

      They held a secret meeting attended by 2 priests who came from Mulanthuruthy, in one of the houses in Karingachira and chalked out a plan. This secret news flashed out because by mistake they invited some of our people (not locals but from other places and staying in Karingachira and have not taken membership in Karingachira church) expecting them to belong to Metran group.

      So Metran kakshis tactics are going on in several places. They have not yet reached Manjinikara, which may in their next list.

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