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  • Dn. Monsy Jacob
    Jan 3, 2011
      Birth of Jesus

      Where was Jesus born?  We all agree in Bethlehem.  Where exactly was it.  We believe it was in a cave.  We know that no humans witnessed it.  We know that all the heavenly hosts dissented on Bethlehem.  The shepherds were the only ones who could listen to their hymns. Do we tune up ourself so that hymns are audible for us?  Why is the spot where Jesus was born still a mistery?


      Beth means house and Lahamo means bread.  The plce became house of bread because of the crucifixion of Jesus; because He ofered himself as the life giving bread.  So, our achens in the final benediction of the qurbana says "after having recieved the bread for the journey"

      Now, where is He born? In our hearts!
      Is He born in your heart?
      How do we know?

      After He was born to Mary and Joseph, they did not move on there own will.  They stayed where ever they were until they got the specific direction from the Holy Spirit.  For example when the wise men came to see Him after many weeks or even months, they were still in Bethlehem.  The infant had become a child and they were living in a house.

      Herod figured out that the time-span of the birth and had to order all hebrew boys under 2 years of age to be killed.

      If He is born within you, listen to the word of God and the direction of the Holy Spirit.

      Dn. Monsy Jacob