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19203A Metran Kakshi priest's ramblings

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  • Mathew George
    Nov 30, 2010
      Dear moderartor

      The following was posted by Fr. George of Ireland in the metran Kakshi forum.. Since he is a member here also, I am sure he will get the message.. There is no point in sending this response to their forum because it will not see the light of the day. The maximum I can expect is a personal message from the moderators asking me to continue the discussion personally with the person to whom I would like to respond.. I have experienced this before.

      The following was posted by Fr. George..

      "..The Jacobites seem to be adamant on their argument with regard to the supremacy of Patriarch of Antioch over the Indian Church on the basis of 'St.Peter referred to as 'Rock', who is considered to be first patriarch of Antioch. The reference to this effect has been made by St. Mathew alone. (Mat 16: 17-19 ). No other evangelists are seen mentioning of it. I wonder why it's so? Why St. Mark, the first to write the gospel and the direct disciple of St.Peter is silent on the subject matter? Same is the case with St. Luke and St.John,the great evangelist and disciple of Christ..... "

      First of all the Patriarch of Antioch does not claim Jurisdiction over the Malankara church because he is the Patriarch of Antioch and successor to St. Peter. We do not have the Roman understanding of Universal jurisdiction. It goes beyond that.. It has historical, traditional and canonical roots. Your party also accepted and believed the same even upto the 1970's... And still this is accepted by your party in your most sacred and the most holy constitution and inside court rooms ... When Chev P J Philip dared you all to remove the name of the Patriarch from your church, instead of understanding the implications of such an act everyone in your forum is busy throwing stones at him... Some facts are like that.... They are sour ! The above is a misconception created by the coccus in Devalokam to misguide simple people.

      Coming to your second part, you lament that the calling of Simon as Peter is mentioned only in the Gospel according to St. Mathew.. I am presuming that you have had basic instruction in scripture. Show me one gospel which is the exact copy of another ...

      While St.Mathew records 29 miracles performed by our Lord, St. John records just 10..... why do you think that happened ?

      While St. Luke has 37 parables, St. Mark has only 13 and still further St. John has just 3. ... what does your logic tell you ?

      While the Ascension of our Lord is mentioned only by St. mark and St. Luke, St. Mathew and St. John are silent on that.... Remember.. both the Gospel writers who were apostles are silent on our Lord's ascension.. According to you does that mean the Ascension was a story created by St. mark and borrowed from him by St. Luke ? Or was it because St. Mathew and St. John did not consider the matter important ?

      You coming from an Orthodox background should know and argue better..

      Of course... you think that being under the Patriarch of Antioch is an act of slavery.... for us it is a matter of faith. Nobody is forcing you.. But there are more than 1 million Syrian Christians in Malankara who want to continue this Canonical and historical bond.. Who is your Catholicose to tell us, no you should not ? If the people whom your Catholicose want to bring under his fold does not want him, what is he fighting for ? Empty church buildings and the attached properties ? If that is the case, I need not tell you what is the source of his inspiration..

      You are a priest.. Your duty is to lead and not mislead. Your vocation is to guide and not misguide. Please be sincere to your duty and vocation.

      God Bless !
      Mathew George
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