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19188Re: Variation in Tradition?

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  • Vineeth John Abraham
    Nov 29, 2010

      I had a search on the same topic, could find some which would like to share.

      Priest puts on the phiro (lit. 'fruit'), a small black cap which the
      priest must wear during all public prayers. It consists of seven
      sections which indicate the full priesthood of the celebrant. Bishops
      including the Patriarch wear it under the Eskimo.

      [Note: In Malankara, a cylindrical black cap is used by priests in liturgical as well as secular settings. Priests in the Middle East wear such black caps in non-liturgical settings, while bishops and the Patriarch may use a red cap. These caps were part of the secular dress required of Syriac Christian priests in the days of the Ottoman empire. However, the skull cap shaped phiro is always used in public prayer.]

      If the priest is a monk, he then puts on the eskimo, a hood worn by monks at all times.

      [Note: In Malankara, this vestment is incorrectly referred to as 'masanapsa', a corruption of masnaphto, described below.]

      You can refer http://sor.cua.edu for the same!

      Thanks and Regards
      Vineeth John Abraham
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