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18903Curse is started to new Catholicose of Devalokam and his company - GOD given the sign

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  • Issac K. Joseph
    Nov 1, 2010
    Dear all

    The Patriarch of Syrian Orthodox Church wears the 'sakro' '(shield) attached to the zenoro. The shield of faith symbolizes his authority and his position as the protector of the faith based on Ephesians 6:16�".. above all taking the shield of faith with which you will be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one.

    No other rank of clergy use this in their vestments. Even the Catholicose of Devalokam company�never wear this and dream about wearing it, until now.

    But the new Catholicose�of Devalokam Company started a new practice of using a duplicate model of 'Sakro' in his vestment. A white robe decorated at the end, something like a folded soshappa was used to show it as a new model Sakro!!! But, alas!! what happens to it you can view in the attached photos link!!! In his first blessing to the public itself, this duplicate 'sakro' immediately fall down from his Zenoro, which can be seen as the punishment of GOD at the same time, for using such an unauthorized dress code of the Patriarch. Remember it was something like the old testament times incident, when some people rebelled against Moses and Aaron, and forcibly censed the altar without God's permission, they were punished by God then and there; the earth divided and swallowed them!!!

    He and his company doesn't afraid the God at all, and even forget that they are making all these drama in the presence of the great saint Parumala Thirumeni.

    Curse is started to him and his company. My dear brothers who trapped in the fold of this militant group, I request you to take this as a sign from God and repent and come back to the mother church. This is my personal request, as I know many of you are reading this message in the SOCM Forum.

    Parumala Bava, pray for this sinners who are manipulating the customs and purposely deviating poor believers from God.

    In Christ

    Issac K Joseph
    The Photo link is shown below. Please see the blessing photos at the end part.
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