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18549New Jacobite Church at Parumala - Agitation drama of IOC

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  • Varkey T.A
    Sep 28, 2010
      Dear All,

      The organised agitation drama enacted by IOC at Parumala on 27th Monday shows their desperation on the subject.  It was interesting to see in Asianet TV that their priests (members as well may be) were brought in to the venue in a hired tourist bus, to conduct the agitation drama and blocking the traffic near Parumala Pally!!!  Common man was wondering what was the purpose of blocking the road there?? How the show was organised by IOC heirarchy can be assessed from it. After that they had been taken away from the place by the same bus!! 

      Their Secretary Mr. George Mathew annouced in the TV that they will "never allow Jacobites to establish any Church in our place", as if Jacobite church is going to be construct the Church in their land!!! That is the mentality of IOCeans.  As Mr. Aji Thomas rightly said, they may be afraid of any "income loss" from the offeratory box kept near the tomb, as most of the people visiting the tomb is from Jacobite Church!! Every one in Kerala knows their money minded intention in this case.

      I hope the temporary injection order from District Collector can be vacated asap.  The Holy Saint will be interceding for us.  However, it was wise from our Church to built the church in a very small scale, start the Holy Qurbana and later announce for its development.

      I think our Church should make a list of their 'Catholicate Centres' near to our much aclaimed churches and also point out how the Puthuppally Church perunals (IOC & JSOC) are conducted without any disturbance to either, to the Government to substantiate our desire to build the St. Gregorious Church in our land.

      May the intercession of the Holy Saint be with us.  Pray for the IOC heirarchy as well to get their fear removed!!!


      Varkey Titus
      Id No: 1024
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