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18053Morth Yulithi (Julietta) and Kuriakose (Cyricus )

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  • Vineeth John Abraham
    Jul 14, 2010
    Tomorrow July 15th church celebrates Memory of Morth Yulithi (Julietta) and Kuriakose (Cyricus )! It is really good to learn about them and how they have suffered!

    Brief History!
    Attaching a PDF file which was compiled by Rev. Fr. Gregor.

    Morth Yulithi (Julietta) and Kuriakose (Cyricus )  - July 15th

    According to legend, Julietta and her three-year (sometimes described as three-month) old Cyricus had fled to Tarsus and were identified as Christians. Julietta was tortured, and her three year old son, being held by the governor of Tarsus, scratched the governor's face and was killed by being thrown down some steps. Julietta did not weep but celebrated the fact that her son had earned the crown of martyrdom. In anger, the governor then decreed that Julietta's sides should be ripped apart with hooks, and then she was beheaded. Her body, along with that of Cyricus, was flung outside the city, on the heap of bodies belonging to criminals, but the two maids rescued the corpses of the mother and child and buried them in a nearby field.

    Thanks and Regards

    Vineeth, Abraham
    ID No: 4187