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1749Re: Peace treaty

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  • Alex Jojo
    Jan 7, 2003
      Dear Elias,

      Now we both are singing the same tune.And thanks for
      the mail.

      >You said you ancestors lost many things, by simply
      >for the faith. Tell me jojo.. What is the issue of
      faith here.
      >Is patriarc of Antioch the focus of our faith ? Is
      Baselios Mathews
      >II the foucus of our faith ?. We can have many
      teachers, But we have
      >only one father who brought you in christ through the
      gospel of our
      >StThomas is our father and HH Patriarc of Antioch is
      our respected

      I sincerely appreciate these words.Most of us here
      were also mentioning the same point.the problems now
      is not of faith but because of the love for power and
      material benefits by the 'run-away' group and
      you-know-who.We all should be proud that our ancestors
      understood the gospel in the early days itself and
      that too from the holy father St.Thomas and we are
      under the spiritual leadership of the holy Apostolic
      See of Antioch.

      > Does Using the throne of our father st
      >thomas hurt your faith ?

      Definitely No..its left to individual.but don't ever
      try to impose anything forcibly on others.Try to
      conquer the person next to you by love.I believe that
      it is what the gospel teaches us.On the other hand,any
      infringements towards the most-suffered group can lead
      only to more and more trouble and shame (for both
      sides).OT principles of "eye for an eye and.." comes
      to picture and the game will be out from the hands of
      'those' who are staging this show.

      >Friends ..we are one church with one faith.
      >we went through many painful incidents. Those who
      want to split the
      >church by raising faith issues are few ambitious
      leaders who are
      >misguiding the people.

      It is crystal clear that both factions can never go
      united.So let we,the common man,decide that we won't
      play dumb upon more troubles created by them.And IOC
      should decide not to make shameful troubles in SOC
      parishes again as in all previous years.Let us not
      play masterplans with funeral processions.We both will
      find our own seperate ways and welcome the days of
      this new and wonderful year with peace and harmony
      that Christianity preaches.What is restricting us from
      thinking like this?I fail to find any reason....

      It would be fine if they just remember that 'Shouting
      at the top of the voice never turn a lie to be truth'

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