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1720Men Loved Darkness rather than Light, that is Condemnation, Jn 3: 19

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  • Fr. John K.K
    Dec 30 10:07 PM
      Men Loved Darkness rather than Light, that is Condemnation, Jn 3: 19
      Part 3

      What lesson one derives from this? Don't we all at one time or the
      other pretend having known the truth while actually we didn't and
      took side of the accuser for no sound reason except personal
      gratification according to one's own notion and estimate to achieve
      vindictive agendas? Can we say honestly without conscience pricking
      that we didn't cause injury to innocent souls that cry to God in the
      silence of dead night? God answers fervent prayers of His innocent.
      Can we honestly claim that all our words and deeds were true? How
      miserable fate awaits the dishonest, whether in Church or private
      life, who deny truth and inflict wounds on the innocent! Words are
      insufficient to express horror of the place prepared for them, the
      perennial woe, the agony and pain in the bottomless pit where fire
      and brimstone never quench and worms never die, Rev 20:10. "Behold,
      the day comes that shall burn as an oven; and all the proud, yes, and
      all that do wickedly, shall be stubble; and the day that comes shall
      burn them up, says the Lord of hosts, that it shall leave them
      neither root nor branch," Mal 4:1. "Will by no means clear the
      guilty, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children and
      upon the children's children unto the third and forth generation," Ex
      34: 7. Bible says, "Our lord is a jealous God and consuming fire."
      Solomon chose wicked ways. His son became casualty of his father's
      iniquity and faced rebellion. Kingdom was divided. Ten out of twelve
      portion went to enemy, servant. It is no secret, the history affirms,
      what happened to Jews who uttered, "His blood be upon us and on our
      children," Mt 27:25. Josephus wrote 94 pages about the destruction of
      Jerusalem. Roman army besieged Jerusalem temple on April 23, 70 AD.
      Mothers cooked their own children and ate. Millions died in war, of
      hunger and starvation. Millions fled, scattered all over the earth as
      fugitives and vagabonds in alien lands and the nation of Israel was
      erased from the face of the earth. Sacrifice in the temple was
      stopped forever on Aug 5, 70. General Titus set the temple on fire,
      posted the Roman flag and received salute on Aug 29, 70. Titus took
      42,000 Jews as captives. Can we expect a different fate to those who
      afflict and severe the Church?

      These instances remind those who dwell upon selfish agenda not to
      convert the hallowed place into stage of rebellion and chaos. Church
      is the place to foster brotherhood, concord, peace and
      reconciliation. All the opposites such as lukewarm, faithlessness,
      stubbornness, intimidation, insubordination, undifferentiated
      pluralism; violence, etc are manifestations Devil and denial of the
      light that came into this world. That is the greatest of all sins
      worthy of condemnation.

      My message therefore is reconciliation based on truth not pretense.
      No two individuals are created equal. Differences are necessary for
      critical assessment of facts that help growth. Divergence should
      never lead to animosity and destruction which predicament God

      Finally, we all know, Vice President Al Gore and Governor George W
      Bush fought a virulent fight employing every possible tactic to win.
      At the close of the campaign Mr. Al Gore addressed the nation, "While
      I strongly disagree with the court decision I accept it…Partisan
      feeling must yield to patriotism. I am with you president. God bless
      you… Our disappointment must be overcome by our love of county…I
      personally will be at his disposal and call on all Americans…We close
      ranks and come together when the contest is done." Gov. Bush said, "I
      salute vice president and his supporters. I thank him for a call that
      I know was difficult to make. Together we will have a bipartisan
      foreign policy true to our values. Together we will address some of
      the deepest problems. We, as a nation will move forward together, as
      one nation, indivisible. I was not elected to serve on party but to
      serve one nation." (Excerpts from Enquirer dated 12/14/00). Let us
      emulate such good spirit avoiding personal rivalry, discerning and
      following truth and shine as light in darkness! My family and I wish
      you a rewarding, prosperous and happy New Year. May God richly bless
      all of us,
      Fr. John K.K
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