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  • Emil@copticchurch.net
    Feb 12, 2001
      --- In SOCM-FORUM@y..., "Thomas Daniel" <daniel_reji@h...> wrote:
      > PS: The article in Glastonbury Review is possibly by Abba Seraphim,
      > bishop of the British Orthodox Church and relies heavily on Western
      > histories written by Catholics and Protestants who had their own
      > agenda in the Middle East. The British Orthodox themselves for
      > had attempted to be in communion with the Syriac Orthodox until the
      > mid 90s, when they joined the Copts.

      Hi reji and thomas.

      The reason why I joined this discussion group is to learn more about
      a fellow Oriental Orthodox Church along with the Coptic. And I am
      slowly trying to put things together as this is the first time I've
      encountered such history b/w the Syrian Orthodox Church and the
      Indian Orthodox.

      Can you please tell me more about the above information you posted
      regarding the British Orthodox Church. I remember Fr.Gregory of the
      British Orthodox Church came to visit us in Melbourne Australia and
      he mentioned the BOC trying to unite with the Antiochian church and
      it didn't work out because of problems. He also mentioned that
      Abba Seraphim was advised (in love and meekness) to seek communion
      with the Coptic Orthodox. What was the reasons behind this, and
      were there, is there any problems still within the Syrian Church as a
      whole? Forgive me if I'm wording things wrong... I'm an amateur in
      this area.

      I also remember Fr.Gregory stating Abba Seraphim tried with the Greek
      Orthodox too. He said all the Easterners were concerned about is
      land, money and the number of people within the Church. Things didn't
      work out there.

      In XC
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