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168Re: [SOCM-FORUM] Sabha Case

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  • George Varghese
    Nov 30, 2001
      Respected Father John,

          I  do accept your argument that nobody won the case partywise.  But  there is a fact all have to accept and  answer.   What for the leadership  (especially  the Vattakuunnen catholica)   lead the church to the court  and spend  crores of rupees.   The leaders of both parties   have no vision or mission.  They only want to play with the church money.  Has anybody ever think of the poor laymen  ?? The  faithful laymen  of the church  have to think at least now.

          The partriarchal faction has  to  think  twice  before going to the association.  What for the 16 people including renowned priests walked out of the  managing committee 30 years ago.  Did the patriachal party now achieved 100% of the what they wanted ?  I will say  -  The present leadership fooling the followers.
      Do they have any chance to win over in the association.  Absolutely   No.

          Dear Achaa,
      Who bothers about   ' who is malanakara methran'  ?   The  real questions   are  :.
       Will the malankara methran or Catholicose will accept  H.H. Patriarch of Antioch  as
      his superior  ?
        Who will ordain the Catholicose  ?
      The patriarchal faction has  guts, they will go for the association only after getting answer to these questions from the Catholicose party.

      There are so many.                                   George Varghese Mannakuzhiyil

      "Fr. John Kunjukunju" wrote:

      Reading correctly the judgment, no one can say who won and who did not. The main question was who is the Malankara Methran. Patriarch faction argued that the present Catholicose was not. The Catholicose claimed he was. Now the Supreme Court directed very clearly not to use the title for calling the meeting. He is authorized to call the meeting not independently, but work according to the directive of the justice-independent observer, which situation is vastly different.I observe that:The judgment properly weighs both parties to the dispute impartially.It is fair to authorize the Catholicose to do the task because out of the two, he is the senior, very senior in fact, and that needs be recognized.Immediately after the judgment, Catholicose while expressing happiness he also wished the Patriarch would also be happy. I feel this shows his willingness to amicably settle the issue.It is the duty of every true Orthodox to give ear to his call and Patriarch or others are no exception.So to sum up, neither party won nor failed. Both parties won equally.It would be evil spirit and height of folly if one tries to analyze and claim who won who failed, etc. It is the final call of the Holy spirit. You see Bible bear witness, when human wisdom failed God used donkey to speak (Balaam and donkey). This is exactly the same. When Orthodox Christian with all its hierarchy failed to discern the way of truth, God made the Supreme Court judge- Non-Christians- to speak up.Does it matter who is malankara methran as far as salvation of the soul or the spiritual life of faithful is concerned?So let us cooperate fully and go hand in hand. Fr. John KK.
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       So what happens now? Supposedly the Catholicose faction have
      won...correct? So are the Pathrargese and Catholicose factions to

      (Sorry I cannot read malayalam)

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