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165121600 year old Angamaly St. Mary's JSO Church to be elevated as Cathedral

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  • SOCM News Bureau
    Nov 4, 2009
      1600 year old St.Mary's Jacobite Syrian Church, Angamaly will be elevated as 'Cathedral' on the Day of Feast of Anidhe, November 15, Sunday, by Catholicose Aboon Mor Baselios Thomas I. The Holy Bull from Morn Mor Ignatius Zakka Iwas I Patrirach of Universal Syriac Orthodx Church and all the East, reached at Patriarchal Centre, Puthencuriz. St.Mary's Jacobite Syrian Church was the Head Quarters of Arch Deacons of Malankara church. The church was established in the year AD 409.

      The mortal remains of First Marthoma, Mor Geevarghese Archdecon of Paklomattom Family and that of the first bishop of Angamaly diocese, Ambat Mor Coorilos are all laid to eternal rest in this church. This church also has the rare opportunity to have the 'KHABARS' (tomb) of about 55 priests who served the church in the days of old.

      The age old painting inside the church is with natural materials. The painting depict Heaven and Hell on either side of the wall. The two altars show the paintings of Gee Varghese Sahada and Behanan Sahada, the fight between David & Goliath, and the Arc of Noah. The main alter has paintings from Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden to the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

      "Annedha Perunnal" in memory of all the elders and relatives, from about 35 nearby churches, who are laid to rest in the cemetery of the church, is on 15th November every year. This is an occasion of a come back to their parent church for the Jacobite Christians in the vast area from the banks of Periar to Chalakudy river. Kalady, the birth place of Adi Sankaracharya, Malayattoor where the Apostle St.Thomas stayed for some time, Nayathode the birth place of the Njanapetta Award winner Mahakavi G. Sankara Kuruppu all were part of this parish till recently. The parishhad the 16th centuary celebrations in 2009 from January 14th.

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