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  • Aji Thomas David
    Oct 3, 2009
      --- In SOCM-FORUM@yahoogroups.com, Mathew G M wrote:
      > The Oriental Orthodox Churhes are:
      > Now we have the Indian Orthodox Church under the Catholicose of the East which is in communion with all of the above except the Syriac Orthodox Church.
      > In Christ,
      > Mathew G M
      > 0929

      Dear Mr. Mathew

      The ground reality is differing from this. Both IOC and SOC in Malankara having 99% full communion.

      Both accept the Baptism of both churches (In 70ees this was different and I am one of the victim of it. My sister was re-baptized by the IOC bishop during her marriage). Fortunately or unfortunately it is not happening nowadays.

      Most of the laity from both sides attend Holy Qurbana and even partake in it.

      Clergies attend marriages and funeral services and actively participating including reading the "Sedars" and offering incenses.

      Prelates who attending the funeral of the bishops of both sides offering the incenses.

      All this shows they are almost in full communion.

      Let me recall the posting of Mr. Simon in the our forum (15896)


      It is my understanding that yes the Indian Orthodox Church has been excommunicated by the Holy Synod of the Syrian Orthodox Church. What this means is that a Syrian Orthodox Christian, in obedience to the Holy Synod, does not receive Holy Communion from Indian Orthodox altars.


      Now the question arises – are we, both clergy and laity, in obedience to the Holy Synod of the respective churches?

      I doubt, because, for majority the religion is a hobby or a part-time business and what ever its teachings are same as the doctrines of the political parties, nobody care about the afterlife or the impact of disobeying the spiritual guidelines.

      I noticed few instance in our Churches. There are clergies readout the Kalpana of HH, HB & HG in front of the Holy Mystery, but the same clergy practices against it or dilute the guidelines with his own explanation. Then how we can blame laity?

      Both churches must take strict actions. For the sake of loosing few fence sitting members if the authorities are diluting the seriousness of the spiritual guidelines, it will end up with another Sodom Gomora.

      May be I sound like a fanatic or even crazy, but this is the ground reality. Nobody can deny it.

      In Christ
      Aji Thomas David
      ID - 4088
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