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  • Joseph Daniel
    Sep 28, 2009
      Dear brothers in Christ,

      I had already given reply to the allegations raised against MJSSA on this SOCM Forum. I thought that the reply given by me considering the responses as creative suggestions were satisfactory for you.

      A patriotic soldier will never dishonour his homeland even though he may have some personal differences. The attitude of a person who has been honoured by the supreme head of the Holy Church as its brave soldier might nit be different from this. However, since Chev. Thomas Abraham have been repeating his allegations against this spiritual organisation of the Holy Church in this forum, I am forced to address this forum once again.

      Chev. Thomas Abraham asks

      1. �Why MJSSA officials are afraid of the discussion in this forum about the functioning of MJSSA?�

      We do not fear any discussion, no matter by whom or where or about what. But, the answer to why we are not interested to discuss is there in your comments itself. How can MJSSA reply to the allegations raised in bodies in which MJSSA is not represented? Like in the case of Bahrain Church, MJSSA can give reply in its bodies only, isn�t it? The reply that I had already given and the reply that I am giving now are testimonials to the fact that we do not have any fear. I take this opportunity to humbly inform you that since I have limitations as the official of an organisation, I am not willing to reply anymore after this through this forum.

      2. �MJSSA is NOT ONLY FOR THE PEOPLE OF ITS EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE, CENTRAL COMMITTEE OR GENERAL BODY. It SHOULD function for all the people/children of Malankara/Outside Kerala/Outside India�

      MJSSA is an organisation that is working in accordance with a registered constitution. Its aim and objectives are in the constitution. Your suggestion is a great wish of us. In my earlier reply, I had mentioned that we will do our best in this matter and that your co-operation is solicited. But it is quite regretful that you did not mention anything in your reply that you will do something in this regard. Still I repeat my request.

      3. �When we are NOT represented in any of these so called bodies, where we will raise our �allegations��

      Did you mean that you are saying this in SOCM Forum because there was no other way or stage? In your allegation, you had said that my reply was made written by someone else. That is not fully correct. It was written by me. As I am not a member of SOCM Forum, it was made published through a member of SOCM Forum. This reply is also like that. Likewise you could have made your suggestions through a person who has representation in MJSSA. Otherwise, you should have tried to make representation in MJSSA to those who are not represented.

      Besides all these, you may know that MJSSA is a spiritual organisation of the Holy Church. You could have submitted your complaints, suggestions, requests, or opinions to HB Catholicose or to the Holy Synod of the Church. In your eyes, MJSSA officials may be substandard. But it will be good for you to know that we respect and obey the leadership of the Church.

      The matters regarding the Bahrain Church are decided and implemented by the Managing Committee and General Body of the church, isn�t so? If there are any complaints about that church, it has to be raised in the above bodies, isn�t it? Or will you raise them in public forums like this? This only is what I said in my earlier reply.

      4. The award amount of Bahrain Church.

      You have repeated what you said earlier. Therefore I am also repeating my reply. You said that they have never appreciated MJSSA; instead they had condemned our action. I am herewith attaching the letter from the Bahrain Church dated 15.06.2006(received in MJSSA on 30.06.2006) which I had mentioned in my previous reply. Even if you think that MJSSA has not been appreciated in that letter, I repeat that as a person who loves the church, you could have refrained from making such a controversy based on that letter.

      5. Rs.10,000/- had been given for printing the English text books.

      I had already said that it costs Rs. 30000 to print 1000 copies of the
      textbooks for one standard itself. To print textbooks, the number of copies needed must be known, isn�t it? I had already mentioned the number of years taken to sell 500 books of each class. Nobody responded to my reply in this regard. Can you say the number of books needed for each class every year? I said that the English books printed on 2003 were sponsored by the American Diocese as they paid the expenses for the same. I do not think there is any mistake in my earlier reply.

      6. Beginning of classes in Gulf region.

      When the teachers from Kuwait and Sharjah Sunday Schools came for leave, they contacted MJSSA and said that their classes will start in September and because of that they need the CD of English textbooks by the end of August, before they return. Accordingly we gave them the CD.

      7. �We conduct final exams in December and get JSSLC certificates from you by January/February every year.�

      Thank God! You have accepted that MJSSA is doing at least this even when you allege that MJSSA is not doing anything for the Sunday school students of outside Kerala/India. We think that the response from you is an appreciation for MJSSA that came from you deep heart unknowingly, when you are determined to condemn MJSSA and not to appreciate it.

      You should have realised that we have care for those students as we accept the examination conducted by you and give JSSLC certificates to those students who pass that examination, which is not done by any other organisation in this world.

      8. �While I was on leave this time, my parent Sunday School students were bringing a 'coupon of Rs. 10/-' for the MJSSA Fund collection. I don�t know it is for this year only or was collecting every year. Every student bring one book with ten coupon (10 x 10 = Rs. 100/- and count the number ofstudents all over in Malankara) and why this income for MJSSA not included in your income list??�

      This is a new allegation based on the incomplete knowledge gained by the Chevalier when he came to Kerala.

      I gave the list of those parishes which paid the �Penticosti Kanikka� in my earlier reply to the question asked by you regarding the budget allotment of the Church for MJSSA and the �Penticosti Kanikka�. Because there is no need top publish the income and expenditure accounts of the MJSSA in SOCM Forum, we have not done that and will not do it in the future also.

      Since you mentioned about the coupon collection, let me say something on it. Perhaps it may help somebody to show kindness. Mor Baselious Paulose II Catholicose Charitable Fund is a charity fund started by MJSSA in the name of Late Lamented HB Baselious Paulose II Catholicose. From the fund, helps are given to the needy for education, treatment, house construction etc. I had mentioned in my previous reply about the distribution of educational charity organised by the Martha Mariam Samajam of the Dubai Church last year.

      To extend the help for more people, it was decided in the 2009 General Body Meeting of MJSSA to raise a fund by conducting a coupon collection of Rs.10 each. Half of the amount collected through this will be utilised for the charity purposes in the Sunday School itself and the other half will be utilised by MJSSA for charity purposes at the Akhila Malankara level. The decision on whether the coupon collection should be conducted every year must be taken by the Annual General Body opf the MJSSA. At present, it has been decided to conduct the coupon collection this year only.

      It seems that you have not bought even a single coupon costing Rs.10 from your parent Sunday School. You would have known more details about this if you had enquired about this in that Sunday School.

      It is meaningless to say that the dear Chevalier, who tries to see MJSSA with hostility, has not contacted us when he came for leave in Kerala. However, if we had known that you came to Kerala, we would have tried to contact you. Nevertheless these did not happen, we are thankful to you for making an allegation on coupon collection, even though you raised it because of a misunderstanding that happened when you came to Kerala. I got an opportunity to say a few words on the coupon collection and the charity activities of MJSSA. I request other churches, organisations and individuals to develop a kind heart to help and co-operate with the charity activities of MJSSA like the Marthamriam Samajam of Dubai Church has done. You may co-operate only after discussing with the members of the Dubai Church whether our activities were satisfactory or not.

      I have to remind those who say MJSSA officials are inactive that there would be nothing to say about those who do nothing and also that mistakes will happen only to those who do at least something. Are MJSSA officials not human beings? Whether it is in family, society or an organisation, those who love them should point out mistakes. The mistakes that can be corrected must be corrected by the officials and if the mistakes cannot be corrected, steps must be taken not to repeat those mistakes. I regretfully remind the Chevalier that he has not suggested any corrective measures, instead he is just making allegations even when I asked him in my earlier reply to forgive mistakes, if any, and to co-operate with us for future endeavours.

      MJSSA is an organisation of our Holy Church. There is no need of any
      distinction of outside or inside Kerala. Let me assure you that MJSSA is ready to do everything it can if there is any sufficient help and
      co-operation from all. I request everybody to abstain from creating
      controversies on public stages like this and to inform us directly your suggestions, advices or criticisms. Let me conclude by saying that MJSSA is not interested in further discussions in this forum.

      MJSSA Headquarters
      Baby Mathara
      General Secretary

      Posted in SOCM by
      Joseph Daniel
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