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  • Chev. Thomas Abraham
    Sep 7, 2009
      Dear Baby Sir,

      I was on vacation and eventhough I had seen your message in the forum, I was unable to give a reply to your message then.

      First of all I really appreciate your initiative to reply to 'clear the doubts' of many people!! Since many parts of your mail directly deals with the items I mentioned in my earlier mail, I feel it is appropriate for me to give once again an answer to your mail, through this forum. Eventhough there are many things to write, I am now mainly concentrating on the part in your message regarding Bahrain St. Peter's parish. I know you were not part of the events which I mentioned in my earlier mail, and the previous General Secretary was in-charge then. It seems to me that somebody wrote answers for you and sent it in your name to the forum, as the reply regarding our church matters contradicts and are far away from truth.

      Let me answer to you one by one.

      You wrote: "First of all, it should be noted by all that MJSSA functions strictly in line with the decisions taken in its Executive Committee, Central Committee, and General Body and MJSSA constitution. So, it will be appreciable to raise any allegations and get reply on the functioning of the MJSSA in these forums only.

      Dear Baby Sir, why MJSSA officials are afraid of the discussion in this forum about the functioning of MJSSA? Please try to understand that MJSSA is NOT ONLY FOR THE PEOPLE OF ITS EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE, CENTRAL COMMITTEE OR GENERAL BODY. It SHOULD function for all the people/children of Malankara/Outside Kerala/Outside India etc. When we are NOT represented in any of these so called bodies, where we will raise our "alleagtions" (as you said) and who cares it, if we sent a letter to the same office bearers who had done some thing wrong, as experienced in our case??

      You wrote: "1.The cash award from St. Peter's Church, Bahrain was not given as per their demand-
      > In 2004, Bahrain Parish had given Rs.5000/- to MJSSA for giving to the first rank holder of JSSLC. It was given to the first ranker at the MJSSA General Body meeting. In 2006 also they gave Rs.5000/- to MJSSA. Since there was a narrow difference between the first and second rank holders, MJSSA awarded Rs.3000/- to the first ranker and Rs.2000/- to 2nd ranker keeping in view that it will be more appropriate to reward two students instead of one student alone getting this big amount."

      I am thankful to you for your acknowledgment of our awards. What I mentioned in my previous message is here endorsed by you as well. WITHOUT OUR PRIOR INFORMATION OR APPROVAL, MJSSA ALONE 'DECIDED' TO SPLIT THE AWARD MONEY TO GIVE IT TO 2 STUDENTS!! Who authorised them to do it?? We feel there were several unanswered questions in this saga!! Every year, MJSSA was giving THEIR OWN AWARDS to two (or three??) sutdents who score higher marks in Xth class. That year, we had given the award money for a special purpose (explained it earlier) and why MJSSA choose to split it for two students, without even spending their own regular award money?? Who were these students? Were the second rank holder was related to anyone in MJSSA Office or Executive committee who took that decision (without the then Bishop In-charge)??? Why MJSSA hadn't informed us prior or after the award ceremony about this, until WE ASKED THEM AN EXPLANATION ABOUT IT?? If MJSSA felt that the two students marks difference was narrow, they should take a decision on THEIR OWN AWARD MONEY distribution, and NOT from another Church's special award, given for a special purpose.

      >>You wrote: "When it was informed to the Bahrain Parish, their first reaction was disapproval that MJSSA did not act as per the decision of the Parish Managing Committee, but finally realized that it has benefitted two students, they wrote a letter on 30.6.2006 expressing happiness over the MJSSA's action. Is it correct to write about this closed chapter once again in the internet?
      I am compelled here to mention that your above statement is NOT FULLY CORRECT, as MJSSA NEVER informed us about their decision prior to award distribution, and we came to know about it from another source after this award distribution and questioned about it to the then officials of MJSSA. Can you provide a copy or atleast the date of your letter sent to us informing this decision by MJSSA, prior to the distribution of the award money?? Again, our decision to provide awards was taken in our "General Body" and not in the "Parish Managing Committee", as you mentioned. Thus, in fact, MJSSA has done something against the wishes of the entire Bahrain Parish members!! Copy of our letter to MJSSA, strongly condemning their action is with us. WE NEVER APPRECIATED MJSSA for their action as you said, but criticised them for it then and there. The letters, minutes of our General Body meeting etc. will be proof of it. After all, when MJSSA had already splitted and distributed that award money without our approval, later what else we can do against it? I still feel it was appropriate to mention this incident in my mail, as we were discussing about the irregularities of MJSSA functioning.

      >You wrote: 2. MJSSA could not find a Best Sunday School Teacher to give cash award of Rs.10,000/- proposed from Bahrain Parish.
      > MJSSA used to give cash award to Best Teacher. Unfortunately, this was stopped, due to many obvious reasons and practical difficulties and problems, by the decision of General Body. This was conveyed to the Bahrain Parish. Was it wrong to convey such a message?

      Dear Baby Sir, once again I request you to provide any copy or date of your such letter sent to us!!! THERE WAS NO SUCH INFORMATION SENT TO US FROM MJSSA!!! When there was NO REPLY for our offer from MJSSA FOR MORE THAN ONE YEAR, we asked one of our member who went on leave, to go to MJSSA office and enquire about it personally. Then only we got a 'VERBAL' reply from the then Secretary that 'it will make a havoc in MJSSA if they select a "long serving and deserving" sunday school teacher!!! If MJSSA General Body had earlier taken a decision stopping their own cash award to long serving/deserving teachers, why they haven't informed us about their inability in helping us to find a proper person, and keeping silence for more than ONE YEAR?? If it was conveyed to us when we offered this award, we could have made alternative arrangements for finding a suitable person for this award!!

      >You wrote: "As suggested by the then General Secretary of MJSSA, instead of cash award to the best teacher, they donated Rs.10,000/- towards translation expenses of Sunday School Text Books. It was paid to MJSSA on 22.12.2007. The English Text Books were already printed with the sponsorship of American Diocese in 2003. Then how is it possible that MJSSA got money from Bahrain Parish in 2007 and used that money to print the books in 2003? Baseless allegations!!!"

      Dear Baby Sir, you are thoroughly confused!! This is what I suspect somebody else wrote for you and send a reply as it is from you!! As you mentioned, the then General Secretary informed us "verbally" that "it is better to donate that award amount to MJSSA for 'PRINTING THE NEW SYLLABUS' SUNDAY SCHOOL BOOKS, because the old syllabus books were ALREADY OUT OF STOCK, and NOT FOR THE TRANSLATION, as it was completed according to him then. We agreed to this PRINTING OFFER OF NEW SYLLABUS BOOKS, after getting an approval from our General Body, and sent that amount to MJSSA in 2007. However, until now that 'printing' was NOT DONE by MJSSA. Also please note that WE PAID Rs. 10,000/- in 2002 also to MJSSA, through our then Diocesan Bishop, for printing the English text books for the FITST TIME itself, but it was not printed until MJSSA got a full expense sponsorship from an American Church. I mentioned clearly these things in the earlier message as well. We are not such fools to mention that our 2007 amount was used for printing books in 2003!!! Check MJSSA's previous year accounts or correspondences, before making "baseless allegations"(as you mentioned)!!!

      > You wrote: "In the Gulf countries Sunday school classes start in September."

      Who given you this wrong information?? It is not a standard pattern as far as I understand. Many GCC countries Sunday School year starting in January. You mentioned that only 12 Sunday Schools from outside India, (Not only the Gulf) affiliated with MJSSA, out of that one must be our Sunday School. As the General Secretary, you must be aware that our Sunday School year starts in January and ends in December and we conduct final exams in December and get JSSLC certificates from you by January/February every year.

      >>You wrote: "Accordingly, we have prepared CD containing Class 1 to 7. These are now available with MJSSA office at Puthencruz. CD on Class 8 to 10 will be ready by end of the year. Help from Bahrain Parish has been mentioned in preface."

      I think teaching according to the new Syllabus Sunday School books were started in Malankara since 2006 (or 2007??) and still MJSSA couldn't make available English versions of it for others, even after 2/3 years!! This is what most people complained about the carelessness of MJSSA officials for the 'Outside Kerala/India' children/churches.

      >You wrote: "Let us now examine why CD is prepared instead of printing the books."

      I endorse fully the views expressed by Mr. Shinu Jesus Abraham on your reply regarding CD preparation for our Outside Kerala Children, without printing text books. CD preparation is NOT THE SOLUTION!! I feel it is the lack of Vision of our office bearers. You mentioned about the cost recover period of earlier English Text books printed. But you conveniently NOT MENTIONED that those books were printed with the FULL FINANCIAL SUPPORT OF AMERICAN CHURCH, (You never acknowledged our contribution in it) and there was NO COST INVOLVED for MJSSA!!! Then why MJSSA was cost concious about these books printing?? If MJSSA wants to know the number of students in each outside kerala/India churches (Sunday Schools), first of all why can't they coordinate with the respective Diocesan Bishops (I know they are SO MANY!!!) to bring all these schools under the umbrella of MJSSA? Why every other OUTSIDE KERALA/INDIA churches needs to make their own arrangement for English Text books or VBS materials?? Sharjah Church translated the OLD TEXT BOOKS and published it in their website earlier, which was recently once again pointed by one esteemed member. We are asking for the NEW SYLLABUS BOOKS and not the old syllabus, for which we already have English text books.

      >You wrote: "7. What is MJSSA doing with the collections from Parishes every year and the Budget amount from the Church?
      > The major source of income for MJSSA is the offertory on Penticosti Day from each Parishes."

      While acknowledging the same, I think you didn't mentioned about one another collection done this year, which I witnessed. While I was on leave this time, my parent Sunday School students were bringing a 'coupon of Rs. 10/-' for the MJSSA Fund collection. I dont't know it is for this year only or was collecting every year. Every student bring one book with ten coupon (10 x 10 = Rs. 100/- and count the number of students all over in Malankara) and why this income for MJSSA not included in your income list??

      Dear Baby Sir, as you mentioned, all these MJSSA discussions were started when there was an enquiry about "JSVBS materials" in English. However, I am surprised to note that you never mentioned anything about it in your reply mail. Why our MJSSA couldn't make the JSVBS materials in English for the usage of our children? IOC is doing it, Mathomites are doing it. VBS Ministries are doing it. We got resourceful people in our church and why MJSSA couldn't use their service for the ultimate benefit of the children, thus for the future generation of our Church. I hope under your able guidance and leadership, a new vision for MJSSA will be evolved and I pray for your success in implementing it. If my mail hurts you in any way, kindly pardon me as it is unintentional.

      Regards & Best wishes,

      Chev. Thomas Abraham - Bahrain.
      Member Id #879

      --- In SOCM-FORUM@yahoogroups.com, Baby Maathara wrote:
      > Dears in Christ,
      > We are proud of the SOCM forum wherein members of the Holy Church are allowed to express their feelings freely. However, some of the comments and allegations of the honorable members of the Forum due to lack of knowledge or understanding of the facts hurt MJSSA, which is the largest and first spiritual organization of the Holy Church. If there is any deficiency or drawback occurred from MJSSA, as a humble servant of MJSSA, please forgive. We feel it necessary to clear all misunderstandings and allegations raised against MJSSA.
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