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15990Re: Glad Tidings - 'Orthodox-Jacobite United Meeting'

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  • Essahaak
    Sep 1, 2009
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      Beloved in Holy Trinity!
      Good...good..good...Bible says you are not suppose to be called Father,as there is only one Father- in Heaven, you are all brothers...
      I am not referring to our spiritual fathers, they were remarkable through their deeds..I do believe in our saints irrespective of prejudice..all Syrian Christian Faith, no all Christian faith belongs to me..Then why you are against Holy Scripture?
      What I understood is all these quarrel, fighting, bloodshed is plainly due to money mongering...think on that..BUT with out money there is no fame!!! ..no body cares you...this is from my bitter experience...but now I am in good position,Gift of my Father in Heaven..so seek his bosom, am sure He will elevate you..
      Kingdom of God is unity in Jesus (Yashu)..Being a strong believer of Syrian Christian Tradition, we are not suppose to be a Judge, if you are pointing our somebody,beware four fingers are against you..LET HIM DECIDE..What is right and wrong....through chivalric nature we can find the beauty, enjoyment of Christian life..Think of our forefathers, saints,martyrs...
      In Jesus Love,
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