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  • Dipu George
    Nov 23 12:34 AM

      Witnessing various falsehoods written in both the forums by misguided
      people I felt it logical enough to reproduce the true version of the
      Church History written by none other than the most Rev Malankara
      Malpan Dr Kanyamparambil Achen.

      I humbly implore this forum to kindly reproduce the article as it is,
      so that the faithful could have a clear view about the happenings in
      this church for the past 100 years. This article starts from page 173
      of the book. However only select but important portions (relevant in
      this context) have been written along with my very small observations
      in the spare time I could afford because of my busy schedule.
      I do not know if this book is available anymore but I sincerely
      exhort every faithful to try to get at least a copy of it.

      Aloho Ahmuch ………….

      Dipu George


      PART 19

      Page 208

      The Holy Father in His Kalpana of 7-11-59 to the St George Simhasana
      Church, Tiruvalla (Kanyamparambil Achen being the vicar) further
      gives vent to His grief. " For the sake of peace, for the glory of
      God, for the progress of the church We sacrificed many of Our
      prerogatives and the truth with Us; but alas the enemy of everything
      good did not like the culmination of Our objective. Those who were
      against peace took a diabolic stand and opened their mouths and
      lifted their feet against the Holy See."

      Note: The Patriarch, in his right as the legitimate successor to St
      Peter and in his supreme spiritual capacity took these decisions and
      even went to the extent of sacrificing the truth in accepting the
      Devalokam faction and its metropolitans …the above letter shows His
      grief for taking that unfortunate decision!!
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