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15714Re: Sunday School Books - English transalation

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  • Varkey Titus
    Aug 3, 2009
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      Dear Vinod,

      Thank you for your revelation of the FACTS about MJSSA's 'inaction', about which outside Kerala churches always complaints!!!! See brothers, here we got one more solid example. The new text books translations were done TWO YEARS BEFORE AND HANDED OVER TO A RESPONSIBLE PERSON (OFFICE BEARER)OF MJSSA!!!! What happend after that? Nobody knows, and the fact remains that till now, such text books are not printed by the MJSSA!!! The translations were done by somebody at his own time and took the pain to deliver it to an 'office bearer' of MJSSA. You see how irresponsible is their action on it!!! They are sitting on top of this translations for TWO YEARS, without doing anything for printing and distributing to the much needy Sunday School children of Outside and Inside Kerala!! This
      one example shows the idiotic behaviour of the people sitting in MJSSA's office, who are only vying for keeping their positions, to get some other personal benefits from the Church, using their positions in MJSSA!!!!

      Dear brothers, did you noticed how long this issue is discussing in the Forum,by many esteemed members, showing genuine examples?? See the sincere message of Corepisocopo Dr. Mani Rajan, saying 'It is my Churh', and is ready to help. But who is responsbile to utilize his services, other than MJSSA?? Did any one of these so called MJSSA office bearers tried to reply to any of these messages? No. They are defenseless, as they know what they are doing!!! However, it is pathetic to know that NONE OF OUR CHURCH OFFICIALS OR BISHOPS ALSO never tried to reply to any of our messages. This is our Church!!! To whom we will complain?? No one is listening and nothing is going to change, unless we unite to twist their arms to get what we want!! Take a decision as a parish, not to contribute to any of the MJSSA or Church or Bishop initiated collections, until we get ENGLISH SUNDAY SCHOOL TEXT BOOKS AND VBS MATERIALS. Let us see what happens then!!!


      Varkey Titus
      Member Id # 1024

      --- In SOCM-FORUM@yahoogroups.com, Vinod Verghese wrote:
      > Dear Moderators
      > When the English translations were released, the syllabus of some higher
      Classes were revised and hence these translations became obselete.
      > The revised malayalam text books of these classes were translated into English
      and soft copy handed over to Chev (Adv) Benjamin Paul (Office bearer of MJSSA).
      This happened some 2 years back and I do not know what happened after that. Also
      I am not sure if the syllabus has been revised hence.
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