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  • Varkey Titus
    Jul 28, 2009
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      Dear friends,

      I had seen several messages supporting and opposing MJSSA's "inaction" in printing English Sunday School books and VBS Materials for the English speaking children of Outside (and inside) Kerala. The main arguments of the supporters of MJSSA's inaction, can be compiled and analysed as follows:

      1- MJSSA Office bearers are voluntary workers
      2- MJSSA doesn't have any income to print and publish the English text books or VBS materials
      3- MJSSA doesn't have resources to translate the malayalam materials to English.

      Let us look into their arguments' genuinity, one by one.

      1- MJSSA Office bearers are voluntary workers

      Did anybody mentioned that they are paid workers and hence they should work for outside kerala children as well?? No. But are they supposed to extent their services to the children of outside Kerala? What most of the people requested is that there is a growing community who doesn't converse well in Malayalam and hence we need to mould them into Christ's children through their own medium, i.e. English. Is this request too much??? Further, is any of our Sunday School teachers are paid workers?? No. Is the Church Office bearers or members of Working Committee or Managing Committee are paid for their services to the Church?? No. Then why these MJSSA office bearers, who volunteer their services without anybody's insistence, doesn't do what they are supposed to do?? If they can't do their work, let them leave that honorary positions and give way for others who can really work for ALL THE CHILDREN. Are they willing?? Never!! What I noticed so far is that for past many years most of these office bearers comes from 'in and around Puthencruz' only, eventhough there is representatives available in the General Body from all Dioceses. So they are holding these positions in their own interest only, not because of any external pressure. Hence they must provide services requested for the Outside Kerala community as well; in this case providing the English Text books and VBS materials. Is it too much to expect???

      2- MJSSA doesn't have any income to print and publish the English text books or VBS materials

      Is it true? MJSSA is already collecting money from all Churches through a 'Sunday School Day collection', once in every year. Again, what happens to the MJSSA Budget allocation from the Church Budget?? Is all these goes for the salary for 1-2 office workers of MJSSA?? The text books printed are sold to people and gets the cost (+profit??) of it. They actually owns a printing press and the text books are printed there. However, when it comes to English text books printing, they try to put every hurdles in front and request the outside Kerala people to donate money for printing books. And if it is received then also, it will be utilized for some other things at MJSSA Office beares wishes. That's why still the revised English text books are not printed, and NOT BECAUSE OF THE LACK OF FUNDS. "If there is a will there is a way."

      3- MJSSA doesn't have resources to translate the malayalam materials to English.

      The above quoted adage is apt for here as well. "If there is a will, there is a way". Is our Church in Kerala doesn't have any resourceful person to simply translate the malayalam text books and VBS materials into English? There are plenty, but MJSSA doesn't approach them. I think they are not in the coterie of MJSSA Officials may be!! Ask our Seminary teachers or learned Clergies or retired Professors to translate the books. They cannot come and ask you, but MJSSA Officials should approach them. Every time, when anybody enquires about English translations, there is a standard reply from the MJSSA office, 'Why can't you do it by your own"!!! Many members also asked this question. Then why we need an organisation like MJSSA in our church and why are the office bearers holding these positions?? Is this is the way our outside Kerala Sunday School children should be treated? Why there is no initiative from the MJSSA's side to translate (Or compile anew) and publish English Books and materials? Questions are many. It is very clear that the MJSSA Office bearers are ONLY INTERESTED TO HOLD THEIR POSITIONS for the sake of their prestige, and NOT concerned about the well-being of Outside Kerala and/or English speaking children. We bend our head in shame, when we look into the excellent Sunday School books and VBS materials produced by IOC & Marthoma Churches for their English speaking children. It is NOT PRODUCED BY ANY INDIVIDUAL CHURCH OR PERSON. It is produced, and distributed by their own Sunday School Organisations!!! Why can't our MJSSA do it?? In our case, the one and only English text books produced by us so far, were having full of mistakes!!! May be becuase it was translated by Hindu brothers, as somebody pointed out here!!! My dear friends who supports MJSSA's inaction, please tell me to whom we have to complain???

      As far as I understand, many times the Bishop who gets the charge for MJSSA will be from far away Dioceses and will not be attending many meetings of MJSSA. The important decisions are usually taken by the so called 'MJSSA Office Bearers' of Puthencruz. We already heard about such instances, where the office bearers take decisions even against the instruction of the Bishop In-charge. I hope there should be a qualitative change in the Vision of our Church and MJSSA, and I sincerely pray that it will happen during the period of the present MJSSA President H.G. Kuriakose Mor Dioscoros, who was the vicar of several outside Kerala churches, and understands the need of the time. His Grace is also near to Puthencruz and can utilize some time for re-vitalising MJSSA as a whole.

      May wisdom prevails in the mind of our MJSSA Officials.


      Varkey Titus
      Member Id No: 1024

      --- In SOCM-FORUM@yahoogroups.com, Sunny wrote:
      > Dear sir,
      > I know MJSSA is doing their best in the Sunday School activities throughout the Jacobite Syrian Church parishes. There is always people to criticise. We should take these criticism as a positive approach and see that it does not affect our daiy work.
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