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15514Re: Personal attacks on our bishops and priests

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  • Sajy Thannikkottu
    Jul 6 9:04 PM
      Though, I am not sure whether I should comment on this topic I am writing my opinion on this topic.

      A year before in a personal communication with H G Yuhanon Mor Meletius of MOSC, I mentioned, probably thirumeni might have a different view than what I have. Thirumeni replied though there can be a different view, I have to respect your view as well.

      It is very common to have different opinions & views when many people gather together. But as a leader one has the obligation to respect everyone's view & opinion. Anyhow, it needs enough guts & sincerity to stand for ones own principle without losing followers.

      Becoming a leader might be easy than sustaining as a leader. Only those who are sincere to their words can sustain as a leader for a true cause. They would be ready to listen to other's view & will decide the right direction after hearing all.

      When one think, someone is above to the criticism, we are going back to the era of monarchy, where none had any freedom of expression.


      Sajy Thannikkottu, Kathmandu
      # 2912
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