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  • Rev. Fr.George V. Vayaliparambil
    Jul 4, 2009
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      Dear brother Bibu

      As your brother, I am happy about your love and concern towards the church. I don't know do I have the right to question you and is it right that I write against my brother, but I think as preist I have the right.

      What you are saying is correct the administration of the church should be transparent and and the prelates of the church especialy Bishops and Priests should be truthful to their call. But some times when you write, I fear whether it will affect anyone. I think it is better to point out the issues than generalising it.

      I think you will be happy with my words. There is a guidance given by Jesus Christ when we challenge a system. Either it should be against Kingdom values or against human rights.

      We have the right to correct others as the fellow being in love of Jesus Christ. St Paul says "if one of your brother committed any sin, advice him in private. If he didnt correct himself then you go and say to the Church( elders of the church). If he didnt obey the church consider him as outcast.

      It is better if we criticise others in private. If there is anything harmfull to the public(church) inform the authority of the church and let them do what they want. Remember the word of God that dont judge others so that you are not Judged.

      I think it is not good that we criticise the Bishops and priests. As a priest I am happy if anyone point out my mistake in private. I am happy to correct and I will be greatfull to those who correct me in private.
      As a layman of the church I did criticise the bishops and priests who didnt keep the pledge and cheated the church and joined in the excommunicated flock. Even though I never chriticised any canonical priests of the church at anytime. I know an incident Vayaliparambil Mor Gregoriose Thirumeni  admonished a man, who criticised a priest in the public, even though the priest was wrong.
      Please remember the word of God.
      Priest is the messenger of the Lord of hosts (Malachi 2:7).
      Please pardon me if I Crossed the limits.
      Your loving brother.
      Fr George Vayaliparambil.