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  • Paul Joshy
    Jul 1, 2009
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      *Dear All,*

      My humble request and advice to all that as a Jacobite we must detach from CRF. I belong to the same area where the CRF nourished and flourished and the same Prof. MY Yohannan was my teacher during my graduation at St. Peters College Kolenchery, and many of my friends and family relatives are very active with CRF. But what they preach are totally unacceptable for an established church like SOC. They never tell people to avoid going to church but tell them that attending Holy Qurbana is a futile exercise. They tell �we are the son of god so human being does not need a mediator-priest, bishop, catholicose, Patriarch- to tell our needs before God�. But years back one old jacobite priest said at the qurbana timing that �if you�re a SOC member you need not go to CRF to praise God by elling �Sthotram�. SOC Qurbana is a cherished and traditional one and always prays the Lord by different words through hymns and proverbs. If one attends Qurbana genuinely that is enough for praising God�. Five years back CRF organised a big prayer meeting on the same day and same timing of Good Friday at St. Peters Senior Secondary School ground at Kadayirippu, Kolenchery(I think they continue the same nowadays also). How can a true Christian attending CRF while most of the people are participating the Holy Service at different churches to emulate Jesus Christ�s sorrows and sufferings. And now a days CRF is expanding to other areas like a true multinational company expands its market to barren and underdeveloped areas with mind-blowing offers and discounts. CRF is now a money making machine for the organisers and stake holders so a true Jacobite should always keep a distance from them even though they heal some of your sufferings, not all.

      J M. Paul
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