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  • Rev. Fr.George V. Vayaliparambil
    Jun 29, 2009
      Recently many of the postings come in the site by criticising and supporting the CRF. As  a preist of the Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church I wish to invite the Moderators attention in this matter. Few months back I saw a mail in SOCM forum send by someone inviting people for attending the Anual convention of CRF in Bangalore. I personaly send a mail questioning the moderators for posting such mail in the forum.
      CRF is the movement by some Laymen who were part of Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church and Indian Orthodox Churches. I personaly know that there are many guys who where the part of CRF are now in pentacostal sects. Many guys who were active participant of CRF who wished to move from CRF by realising the hidden and greedy act of the leaders of CRF  to other pentacostal sects came back to our church after few days personal talk with me in my church at Nedumbassery.
      I wish to point out some false teaching of CRF.
      1. They are the one who publicaly denaying the holy Confession or they wont do the confession.
      2. They make their followers hypocrates. The used to say themselves as holy and as one who were not yet sinned. These people dont want repentance and confession. They consider others who are not part of them are as sinners.  
      3. From whom they got the authority to do such things in the church. There are some peoples who purpusfuly avoid the Holy Qurbono and attend the CRF meetings. In our churh there is prayer groups and fellowships but they are not at all part of it and not intrested in it.
      The SOCM moderators please be vigilent of such group which are banned by the Holy Synod of the church.
      I am not sure wether you will approve this mail or not.
      One thing is to be noticed in this time. Such groups can provide actualy what the traditional church cannot provide to its followers. I mean the fellowship aspect in effect. The members of such groups and sects are more close to each other and are willing to support them in financialy, physicaly and and mentaly. The memebers of the traditional churches has to look this dimention of human needs and its fulfillment.

      Rev. Fr.George V. Vayaliparambil
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